BenQ treVolo electrostatic film Bluetooth speakers: skilled in color, wonderful, mapping the essence of music

2017-7-15 Publish


“There is a grave in the heart and a widow is buried.”. Tears have a city, guarding not forget people. The dead man did not forget, forget the person not dead “, which is from the network’s” heart grave “in two words, a view is in my mind for portable products; now audio products under the environment of the deliberate pursuit of beauty, quality is often ignored; to create a sound volume, portable, quality and innovation dimension set in one of the audio products is not easy.

Audio products in the deliberate pursuit of beauty case, static film debut BenQ treVolo Bluetooth speaker undoubtedly is very bright and other creative sense and not greasy, sound strong and transparent without breaking the sound, the sound is also very focused on as the crowd listening to treVolo speakers; from beginning to end to alter my portable speakers “quality superior” speakers, can be called “to enter the high-end portable speakers results”, experience a month later, sharing this.

HI, I’m Xu Jiaming, also called stubborn monkey, is currently a college student, digital products enthusiasts, learning photography and media editing, past evaluation over a variety of brands such as Elvis Presley speaker, 2, S2000MKII, JBL and Pulse2 saunterer, have rich experience of evaluation so a variety of portable speakers, BenQ BenQ treVolo is my first exposure to static film box, look under the experience.

Shape – – thick sense of innovation, visual impact:

Why do you think treVolo has a sense of creativity and vision?

The initial treVolo, it is easy to feel a kind of “strangeness”, but the feeling is very high-end luxury; if a speaker modeling can give consumers the best evaluation, the speaker must use treVolo at the top, a shaped metal material is the blessing, beautiful and good-looking, black on both sides of the electrostatic film unit folding, other people started immediately, although compact but feels not in the imagination as light.

TreVolo whole machine texture, solid workmanship, feel rich in metal texture, and no previous plastic wooden box of the sense of cheap, it will be placed in the coffee shop, home or hotel one, show style.

BenQ official evaluation of its positioning is: exquisite, enjoy the texture of life; the official evaluation is reasonable, positive with low frequency sound unit metal panel, metal mesh built-in table 18 hole safety and protection, in order to increase the value of the speaker face Yan, BenQ will also make every circle goldprocessing different angle bevel edge, can be seen unique luster.

The appearance of the product is always an important choice of users to buy Audio products, and treVolo is a full sense of creative products, measurements 174x134x78mm, weight 1200g, is worthy of the name “portable Bluetooth speaker, can put it in the bag and small desk to carry or listen to.

In fact, I have a deep feeling, this kind of portable speakers always shape to do good quality duomeiduo, unsatisfactory; but in treVolo speakers who are not the same as the pronunciation unit with double bass unit, double passive radiator, double electrostatic film unit combination, positive hidden double bass unit, placed inside the double passive radiator.

A portable, positive side of art, treVolo indeed extremely sexy, folding static film unit, with small volume in one hand, a sense of science and technology, innovation, or that give people the feeling is called “lightweight view; good products, on the yen value and unit at least is in the process with the price of the top five speakers.

TreVolo speakers use a foldable design, the introduction of the advantages of the smallest area, the application of electrostatic membrane technology is one of the biggest highlights of this product, but also introduced the electrostatic film unit’s strong point.

Electrostatic film technology is very early, but with this technique the speaker is not much, the main reason is the high cost and difficult popularization; electrostatic film technology is the package has 0 distortion characteristics, the speaker enjoys the resolution of the details, grab the range width, can be harvested quickly, wide frequency response echoes the sound experience; this is treVolo speaker took ace.

When you use it, you only need to expand the electrostatic film unit, and the treVolo can be completely open.

Small innovation, but also can leave a big surprise, the future of electrostatic film, Bluetooth speakers design, may be treVolo as a point mark, deeply felt value is extremely high.

Portability should be the speaker I love most of the details, the advantages of an integrated, carefully will do the volume of outdoor travel light and convenient to carry, can feel the BenQ of this speaker Kung Fu, packing box gift for products not prominent is the general feeling of the speaker only not satisfied with the gorgeous.

As the top of the evaluation object, is the key part of treVolo: “the volume keys, pause / play and phone keys, music scene mode switching / hang up the phone keypad, the power button, not too much tedious operation, compared with the traditional speaker.

The key operation highlights of this product as much as possible to improve the user experience, have the phone function, without prejudice to one of the basic functions of listening to music when calling this is the BenQ Bluetooth speakers, the beginning of the heart, perhaps to allow treVolo to portable sound box function more comprehensive.

Back button, this is the Bluetooth adapter button, located on the back of the treVolo, with memory function for automatic shutdown, automatic reconnection.

Is it fully functional? Is the interface adequate? The answer is completely satisfied, treVolo from left to right, the distribution of the DC port, LINE OUT, LINE power IN, Micro USB, is simply the traditional Bluetooth speaker interface, Micro USB can also be used as computer speakers without extension, drivers can use treVolo with notebook speakers, so greatly enhance the light and sound experience.

LINE OUT output function can be Bluetooth phone source output to other music equipment, treVolo interface richness is absolutely win advantage.

Detail — folding type electrostatic film sounding unit:

As mentioned earlier, one of the treVolo’s trumps is the electrostatic membrane unit, which is the only thing that makes it so bright. TreVolo, a high profile speaker, makes a great advantage.

Ugly pass and large volume pass, poor quality pass, now I love the portable speakers treVolo no such character, now from the static film about sound unit.

In high frequency, the actual results of the test of the portable speaker; the electrostatic film unit in treVolo, its high frequency, for double bass unit and restore low frequency, the occurrence of broken sound and poor permeability with the price of portable speakers, treVolo with real quality, strong penetration reduction.

The sound quality ability is in the same level, and the sound unit promotes the sound quality very comprehensively. The middle, high and low frequency connection restore the nature, and reflect the original nature of the sound box.

Click, the unit folded look at the back of the sound unit, silent film unit is arranged in the front in addition to sound, the back can also sound, three-dimensional sense of the music is very high, a strong sense of music, the speakers in the range of a lot of excellent pronunciation.

BenQ speakers are more and more high-tech, first use the mute film unit of the speakers, I can make this wood ears accurately distinguish three, Bluetooth speakers can make few general triple points out, and treVolo always belongs to the “high toss”, you can feel the bright and clear advantages, Naiting treVolo is more suitable for music; mice were used because it can let ordinary people feel the change of out and out syllables and enhance the charm of music.

Function — the function is rich, the talent of music:

Adhere to one sentence: the more rich the function, the more it is worth buying, the function experience as one of the most test products, it is very necessary to pay attention to its practical role.

As mentioned earlier, treVolo has a wide variety of interfaces, such as Bluetooth wireless broadcast, USB sound card, LINE IN input, LINE, OUT and four other experiences. See below for other parts.

TreVolo speaker is indeed better than ordinary Bluetooth speakers and more complete, not only to support the telephone, more built-in microphone hands-free, support Apt-X digital audio compression algorithm with Apt-X transmission technology, lossless audio files also show a greater degree of.

Format part, support Android and IOS system mainstream Bluetooth player, HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP and other audio formats fully support.

If you have to continue to tap the potential of the speaker, must mention the experience of APP APP have advantages, the remaining power tips, and have a “sound, enthusiastic and lively” three music scene mode, using a similar EQ balanced regulator, make the sound more beautiful effect.

Audition – – treVolo, mapping the beauty of sound quality:

A wave of experience has been suppressed until now. In fact, the audio products are beautiful and beautiful. The functions are more attractive, and do not judge from the sound quality whether they are worthy of praise or not.

TreVolo speakers in the transparent effect treatment is appropriate, the rhythm of the music, to enhance the effect of resolution is very high, the music show extraordinary effect, but good or bad, everyone has their opinion, so in my eyes, treVolo can achieve what kind of level? Prior to secrecy, admittedly, as audio products have put the essence the most incisive.

Next, listen to the audition session:

Delacey “Dream It Possible”

Connection mode: Bluetooth

Audio format: MP3

As we all know, this is a song from the HUAWEI mobile phone theme, and is now the public often encounter the song in the treble tracks in the treVolo performance for voice soothing, with catchy lyrics for the song rhythm neither fast nor slow is likely to make people intoxicated, in the side, also has an excellent momentum, voice the sense of vision.

Zhao Lei, Chengdu

Connection mode: Bluetooth

Audio format: Flac

He chose the first surface, mainly it has high requirements on bass and rhythm, treVolo showed calm calm, every words have excellent performance, the scene of a body is in the repertoire of the experience, there are no words not clear, pure and rein in the song slow beat charm.

Beyond “grey tracks”

Connection: Micro USB

Audio format: Flac

To listen to a first Cantonese classic song “gray track”, the entire song through the slow rhythm guitar, with Beth music, there are more stringent requirements for resolution, treVolo in reducing the subtle changes in the guitar performance, clean, clear and full of potential, high permeability, this song is really the static film treVolo the sound unit advantage, highlight the most incisive.

Moon River (Moon River)

Connection mode: Bluetooth

Audio format: MP3

This is the first stage in my music in a song, should also have a lot of fans have heard the classic songs, this song is a quiet, even sleep music, treVolo showed a clean, clear and let the sound around the entire cochlea, it sounds like people is very comfortable.

On the whole, treVolo is good for some new century music, rock or jazz, light music is very good, experience, experience, merits, or a good reputation.


Chatted for a long time, but also a little visual fatigue. Sound experience is subjective, but can not deny that treVolo has subversive significance, as the world’s first electrostatic Bluetooth speakers, not only color value, portable high, also inherited BenQ’s “high-grade, high color value, uses a very high-end electrostatic film technology, combined with the music experience, very for true love music, really play music users, its penetration, the sound field, the sound is very satisfactory.

Still like the old brand of mature technology, experience is an important component of the audio products, flagship shape, excellent sound quality, very suitable for young users who love innovation.

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