Who is better for over 1000 lumens micro smart projectors? Comparison and evaluation of micro whale F1 and polar meter Z5

2017-7-17 Publish

In this era of rapid development of science and technology, people enjoy the fun and the change brought by technology, especially in home entertainment, television is no longer the protagonist, because there are new things, give users more choice. Micro intelligent projection products should TV is currently the biggest competitor, it is different from the traditional projector is big and heavy, a small portable operating system at the same time, also comes with such as mobile phone, computer depth optimization, only need to connect to the WIFI will be able to watch the massive video on the Internet in the hundred inch big screen.

The micro intelligent projector market, the brand variety, product positioning, price are not the same, but the main battlefield is in 3000 yuan of products in this price range, whether consumers accept ability or manufacturers of products cost, are the best convergence point. But how to buy such a wide range of brand products? Today the author integrated two more intelligent projection representative comparison, respectively is F1 and Z5 micro whale rice, the former is the Internet TV started, and micro whale very young and creative, and M is the first batch of domestic enterprises do smart micro projection, are powerful, you will see more love?

We first look at the packaging, the two products are very sincere, micro F1 with a square box design of grey whale, in front of the package of simple outline product pattern with a few strokes, and fit the “grey glacier” theme, giving a very generous and minimalist art. And the polar meter Z5 is using the brand’s past style, black square box design, printed with Z5 rendering on the front, with deep black style, the overall look is also forced full.

Accessories, two products are selected conventional standard, namely host, power adapter, remote control, manual. And no spare parts, after all, the general delivery of the utility is not high, the use of cost to the machine itself is king.

As the two products are high flow brightness, power consumption is certainly not low, so in the power adapter areas have chosen a larger chunk, so that better and safer to ensure the output of electricity.

Remote control should be the highest utilization rate of small partners, and from the design point of view, two projection remote control are using black color matching and minimalist button design, easy to operate. But on the combined experience, it seems that although the remote control of the polar meter Z5 looks slim, but I still like the holding of the micro whale F1, its weight is lighter, and relatively fit my palm. In addition, their mobile phone APP can also replace the remote control function remote control, sometimes suddenly can not find, it can do wonders.

From the exterior point of view, the value of the two products are good, metal flavor is relatively rich, full of the future sense of technology. As for the other hand, because of the design idea of different products, F1 is only a tiny micro whale m Z5 half of the thickness, weight is lighter, and one hand can easily hold, and the Z5 is to use two hands, portability to a stroke above F1.

Micro whale F1 and pole Z5 meters are used at the top of the drawing process, hand and texture coexist, especially in the light of the irradiation, particularly eye-catching performance. But it is worth mentioning that, the micro whale F1 is metal wire drawing material, while the pole meter Z5 is plastic. However, in the fuselage part, two machines are made of high quality aluminum alloy.

As a family oriented environment for the use of the products, micro F1 and M whale Z5 uses the Nordic design style, more easily into the public family simple and elegant, is when the entertainment terminal is Home Furnishing environment decorations. The author believes that m Z5 Silver Black style is a personality, but for Home Furnishing environment or some restrictions encountered serious hit decoration color, easy and micro F1 all-match misfits, whale glacier grey color, will be more easily integrated into all kinds of Home Furnishing environment.

Button, micro whale F1 designed only power switch key and a focus button, simple and easy to use, learning costs are not high, but the focus button is a bit tasteless, practicality is not high. Pole Z5, then more keys, power button, audio mode keys, play / pause, change music, and volume touch key, complex is a bit complicated, like listening to music alone users are more practical. Especially in the design of the touch volume, cool light effect, forced not to say.

To be honest, the projection of such high heat products, what heat dissipation and silence are gimmicks. Because heating and noise are unavoidable, we need to minimize these as much as possible. I also compared the two products, they have adopted a dual fan cooling, the cooling effect is quite obvious, under the same operating conditions, the micro F1 and m Z5 whale fever and noise control are good, but when after a period of operation, the micro intelligent whale F1 dual air cooling heat dissipation technology to play a role, it will be a different brightness, intelligent speed adjustment, to achieve a better heat dissipation and noise reduction effect.

In expanding the interface, the micro whale F1 respectively designed the power interface, USB3.0, HDMI and headset interface, although the interface is not much, but everything, to meet the daily needs. The interface of the pole meter Z5 is abundant, and there are more USB, HDMI and two network interfaces on the basis of F1. The practicability is obviously higher.

As for the bottom, two products have made anti-skid treatment, stability is good. In addition, a micro F1 has also designed a 1/4 screw interface, can support the market most of the bracket, three feet, that is to use the bad scene, we can through the bracket to fix the screen projection screen. Pole Z5 is not reserved for the position of the interface. It must be connected with the bracket by means of a special switch board, which is relatively complicated.

Here we are most concerned about the link, that is, two products screen screen performance. Generally speaking, in the 3000 yuan range of intelligent projection products, lumens in more than 300-700, at night to watch is not a big problem, but to see during the day, the effect is also moving. The micro whale F1 as high as 1200ANSI lumens and pole Z51000ANSI lumens configuration, it is enough to see that two products have enough cost-effective. High lumen brightness is better for projection performance, but the overall performance of the screen depends not only on brightness, as well as imaging technology, color tuning, etc., but not much, we speak with facts.

First of all, let’s take a look at the advantages of high brightness! The normal projection of hundreds of lumens, interference in the light, the picture will brighten serious viewing quality greatly reduced, only the normal experience in all black to the scene. With the increase of the lumens of light, resistance ability is stronger, basically more than 1000ANSI lumens even in the daytime have a good performance, of course you want to have the effect of daytime television, is almost impossible, after all, not the same principle. I took the lights going on and off effect, super kilolumen advantage is very obvious, in more than one hundred watt fluorescent lamp, the left and right whale micro F1 m Z5 can see, on the whole viewing experience is not much affected, of course, the effect will be better off.

Below we use a few group of 4K photograph to make a real shot contrast analysis.

The first group I selected a sunset photo, this time the sky is the most beautiful, slightly deep blue and red clouds are very charming. From the point of view of real pictures, micro whale F1 1200ANSI brightness is clearly better than the 1000ANSI Z5 meter will be a bright, in addition, saturation and contrast the performance of F1 is better than Z5, especially the set-up of color Z5, the overall tone of some partial green, alone may not affect the sense of it, but. Contrast color came out. As far as the author’s opinion is concerned, the performance of micro whale F1 will be more pleasing to the eye.

“In the absence of large blue elements of the scene, the two products picture performance is quite similar, can use a good word to describe, but careful analysis, brightness and saturation are still very micro whale F1 Z5 meters high.

“This group of our goddess photos, gap is quite obvious, the micro whale F1 picture is brighter, more vivid colors please the eye. The polar meter Z5 is a lot dimmer, and the color is very serious.

“The author with white and black elements of extreme photos were compared, results are not unexpected, micro F1 whales in multiple dimensions on the performance of Z5 is better than that of rice.

“If alone comparing photos you will feel unfair, I have made two products with the micro mirror test, whale F1 play is still outstanding, and m Z5 partial color problem was again enlarged.

Of course, the author is not saying that Z5 is not good, and there is no least “black” who means. Individually, the performance of Z5 is definitely the same price leader, just micro whales, F1 this performance really surprised me.

The operating system is also an essential part of an intelligent product. It can be said that without the system there is no intelligence. The two products are equipped with a custom system based on Android depth optimization,

The author compares the two products of the starting time, measured down faster than F1 m Z5 micro whale starting time, may be components or optimizing the advantage of it, but let me criticism is Z5 with advertising in the boot, while F1 is only a deep blue, pure and simple.

UI experience, the two models are using the latest version of UI, F1 WUI2.0 changes little whale, is still a classic waterfall flow design, not only icons look good, fluency and response speed has doubled. At the same time, but also saves the cost of the old users to learn. And the pole Z5 GMUI3.0 can be said to change beyond recognition, as if with the new operating system, although the function is more comprehensive, but also can not avoid old users tucao.

In order to make use of the process will not be too monotonous, the two products are all built in a different style theme, micro F1 whale deep blue and grey glacier two themes, m Z5 is the default blue theme and China wind theme, so that users can have a fresh moment.

In the network, two products support the 2.4G/5G network, in a variety of environments to ensure the best Internet access program. As for each machine the only way, input input method, different password experience is also different, you are like micro whale F1 whole keyboard or pole Z5 keyboard?

Content should be the core of Internet TV, and there is no good content support, it is difficult to seize the hearts of users generally picky. Micro whales due to lay a good foundation in the TV product line, F1 is applied directly to the content of the program on TV, the integration of Chinese culture, a video Tencent, mango TV, massive content, TVB and other platforms at the same time, also has own panoramic view of the VR channel, children channel documentary and blessing, the strength of the most important is to buy the machine with Platinum members, to experience the full ad free fun. In addition, the micro whale film and television resources also synchronized the watercress score and comments, providing users with valuable viewing suggestions.

And the content of Z5 is inferior to many meters, although based on the original mango TV content, the new Iqiyi platform, but the richness or less than F1, it is worth mentioning that, Z5 also cut corners in the UI design, directly apply Iqiyi interface.

The intelligent voice can be said is the experience of the key breakthrough, find the content repeatedly as a direct voice search to smooth and clean, two machines have intelligent voice function good, what are the search piece on the functionality be nothing difficult, but, the micro whale F1 to be more competitive, such as you can use a variety of dialects and computer interaction support voice chat, send the barrage, and even can be used in the voice shouted “automatic conversion of audio mode” for speakers.

Through the author’s comparative analysis from a number of latitudes, I believe that we have a micro whale F1 and polar meters Z5 have some understanding of it? I also come to a summary, first of all, the two products have different appearance, color value is high, the Nordic style of design easier to integrate into the public home environment. In the screen projection screen performance, 1200ANSI F1 and 1000ANSI micro lumen whale lumens m Z5, has excellent performance, high luminous brightness is also very cost-effective, but if you really want a high, micro whale F1 surprising color performance is indeed better than m Z5 too much, I believe you from the comparison test in this paper can also be seen, especially the very m Z5 bluish tint phenomenon need to pay attention to. However, the polar meter Z5 is better than the micro whale F1 in the development and correction of the left and right trapezium. As for the content of the public’s most concern, micro whale F1 by virtue of the achievements in television, but also occupies an absolute advantage. At present, the micro whale F1 in Jingdong is priced at 2999 yuan, the pole meter Z5 is 3299 yuan, then, who do you like more?

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