Redefine dreams, Meizu MX6 hands-on experience

2017-7-17 Publish

In 2016, more and more domestic mobile phone brands began to hit, once Samsung, HTC and other international manufacturers to play “machine sea tactics”, a month of a mobile phone seems to have become commonplace. Perhaps for users, the emergence of new machines is not a bad thing, but let those who like to use the new machine cool. In such vendors, Meizu seems to be doing the best, but also once friends said Meizu year 32 conference”.

Although Meizu opened a lot this year, and a month actually released 3 new machines (Blue Note 3, PRO 6 and Charm Blue 3), we also jokingly called Meizu “Hi””. But Meizu mobile phone in the past two years, especially this year’s growth, we can see. And almost all Meizu new machine, whether from Yan value or cost-effective aspects, it seems to be better than “enemy” millet do well.

Dream continues: quick charge photo flagship appearance

July 19th, Meizu conference again. This time, MX, the dream series that once was the flagship of Meizu, is now replaced by the PRO series. In fact, this is the Meizu brand, MX series is definitely regarded as a classic, M8 from the beginning, I almost touched all Meizu models, let me feel the most amazing is the MX series MX2: double injection molding cover, front luminous dots Home key, and then the Meizu 16:10 widescreen.

Today, the MX series has become a major force in the Meizu flagship market, the former Meizu flagship has been replaced by the later “PRO”. So, is Meizu MX6 meaningless? I also received the Meizu MX6 experience machine for the first time. I believe that by reading this article, you will know a real dream”.

MX6 out of the box: do not lose flagship design

Let us talk about the packing box, Meizu abandoned the MX series book page type packing box design consistent, to the packaging style is relatively simple, but it seems there is some original in the shadow, will give people a very familiar feeling.

Open the packaging box, tear open the bar, you can see the MX6 fuselage, in the right side of the phone is MX6 accessories box. Pull out, you can see the phone’s power adapter and data lines and other accessories.

Three months ago, Meizu released its high-end flagship PRO 6, and adopted the “early sniper” iPhone 7 design. The MX6 PRO6 can be said to be a low version, the MX6 shape of the continuation of the design of 6 PRO, even “embarrassed” King Huang Zhang also said on micro-blog: “if you are not using PRO Series appearance, MX6 will be my best MX mobile phone.”

Meizu recently launched new machines more and more frequent, and almost all new machines, whether positive or back are almost the same, but this time MX6 continues PRO6 design, I do not feel disgusted:

First of all, the appearance of PRO 6 seems to be and has yet to release the iPhone 7 bar, before it was suspected of iPhone 7 rear cover of the picture, and finally became PRO 6. Maybe this is Meizu’s marketing story, but I have to say that the design of PRO 6 is really amazing.

This is a MX6 used as Meizu flagship PRO 6 designs, so that one end brand models can be enough in appearance and the flagship match, is to buy the mobile phone users to win back some of their own to pay the price.

If I had to use a word to describe the first sight of MX6, I think it must be “mellow”. The whole of the mobile phone body can be said to be done perfectly, really not what can be critical in linking the front panel and the metal body of the mobile phone. The whole MX6 is in hand, and the handle is really more comfortable than other manufacturers and sizes.

The reason was summed up by the conclusion: first, the MX6 body is very narrow, only 75.2mm, so for a single hand grip is definitely a lot of extra points, which also benefited from the Meizu has always been a narrow frame design; second, Meizu recently models to some extent can be said to be in reference to iPhone appearances like iPhone 5C it is easy to see from a charm blue. This is a reference to the domestic mobile phone market is very effective, because the design of the iPhone itself can be said to be the optimal solution, especially the mobile phone at the edge of the round over, did not let hand uncomfortable, but MX6 feels not worse than the iPhone, sandblasting plus delicate matter in the sense of MX6. Absolutely can be said to be feeling this year in one of the best domestic mobile phone.

And let the human blood gush, should be the signal line of the line. When PRO 6 comes out, this curved signal line lets everyone call “iPhone 7″”. In fact, not to say that such a curved signal line will make your phone signal better, but only after the iPhone 6, almost all of the domestic mobile phones, as long as there is the same design, it is basically the same. And Meizu made changes in PRO 6, not just a micro “innovation”, it can be said that many people have a sense of iPhone 7 used in advance. However, if it is put together with PRO 6, the signal line of MX6 is not as sharp as PRO 6.

From the handle, MX6 really almost no what can let me find faults where, if a carp perhaps, 5.5 inch screen size of the mobile phone, does not have 5 inches or 5.2 inches to hold that “practical”.

MX6 still uses the MX5 5.5 inch screen, but for the entire MX line, 5.5 inches is a little bigger. In fact, for all of us, the MX2 era of 4.4 inches, 16:10 screen is actually the most classic. Of course, here the author also is the nostalgic look, after all, the big screen in power, plus ultra narrow design Meizu blessing, 5.5 inches for most of our user’s palm, or can easily control the.

Meizu MX6 front basically and the new machine Meizu as like as two peas, using the popular “big boy” symmetric trial design: mobile phone front camera and light sensor are symmetrically positioned on both sides of the receiver.

5.5 inches, Meizu MX6 uses a 1080P screen from SHARP, and did not use the OLED screen has been speculation outside. Coupled with only 3050mAh of electricity, it seems that in terms of life, MX6 will be more difficult. However, this life, mainly based on their habits and the scene of the decision, vary from person to person.

When it comes to Meizu’s innovation, I think the “pre set” Home key is indeed not a small point. Of course, here with you to explain, the so-called type were actually not be Meizu exclusive, OPPO and vivo are in use, just like this is the Meizu Home key has a name. But what I want to say is not the shape design of the Home key, but the interaction. Three keys hidden Meizu will Andrews machine to use a button to complete all of the Android system. The personal favorite is to touch the Home key (not press) to return to the previous step. This function is indeed a patent Meizu, so millet 5 equipped with pre fingerprint identification button, a touch, can only return to the desktop, but can not return to the next level.

In the MX6 conference, Meizu unexpected announcement of all its fingerprint identification phones will support WeChat payment news. In fact, before the mobile phone Meizu, fingerprint recognition is the use of Alipay’s solutions, so Alipay support fingerprint payment is no problem. However, this time, Meizu did not know whether it has negotiated with Tencent, WeChat actually supports fingerprint identification security payments, and all models before the upgrade firmware support. At this moment, Meizu highlights the price advantage, there is no need to know millet models support fingerprint identification of Alipay or WeChat to pay.

Helio X20 blessing, sex can be used as well

Recently, Meizu and Qualcomm case make is which we also raise a Babel of criticism of, it is difficult to judge, after all this is just a business thing. And as we really users, the phone can have a good performance is the most important. At present, although the processor performance platform is powerful, but Samsung not worse than his own chip Qualcomm processor performance and MTK platform and a series of 10 core well, so Meizu has been using Samsung and MTK processor platform.

Helio X20 this processor is placed on the MX6, in fact, as a mid-range product is enough. But in everyone’s eyes, MTK processor will sell less than 1000, MX6 1999 yuan pricing may make many people can not accept. But the price of mobile phones is not just about processors. MX6 feels good enough.

Remove the Helio X20 processor, Meizu MX6 is also equipped with Mali-T880 graphics core, 4GB running memory and 32GB of storage capacity, this combination in today’s mobile phone market wasn’t strong enough, but also completely.

IMX386 starting, taking pictures, the progress is impressive

This time, Meizu MX6 is equipped with a 1200W pixel camera. But the special thing is that this camera had not been used by any cell phone since it was the first appearance of SONY IMX386 CMOS. As an upgraded version of IMX286, what is the imaging level of IMX386? May wish to look together proofs:

Overall, the imaging quality of is much better than MX5, but there is still a gap between MX6 and PRO. Mainly in the resolution of the whole sample, after all PRO 6 camera is 2000W level, while MX6 is only 1200W, but MX6 is still a good photo machine.

Loop Jacket, an intelligent protective cover for MX6 increment

Meizu’s conference, in addition to the protagonist MX6 appearance, but also appeared in a called Loop Jacket intelligent protective cover. The protective cover adopts a flip top design, and has a circular ring window design on the front of the protective sleeve. In the case of flip top protection, the screen will appear in a circular interactive interface.

This Loop Jacket uses the PC PU material, PU surface made litchi texture, feel very comfortable. The back is printed with Meizu’s Logo, and there is no more unwanted design. The protective shell texture is good, can only become a simple design, law-abiding.

This Loop Jacket is called intelligent protective cover, mainly this protective cover gives Meizu MX6 “different” interactive interface. Scan the protection of the two-dimensional code in the package, download a Meizu see applications, through this application can be achieved on the operation of the interaction.

After we flip the lid, we can touch the operation directly through the hollow ring window, such as changing the dial, taking pictures, answering / calling and using the player and so on. The entire interface is round, so people have to think of smart watches. Indeed, the circular interaction in the entire Loop Jacket seems to tell us that Meizu is looking for a watch

Of all the functions, individuals prefer to take pictures. The circular camera interface gives a special freshness, without having to turn on the protective cover to find the camera App. It’s done directly in the circular window. However, the appearance of the party concerned, such a protective sleeve for MX6, some superfluous. As mentioned before, the mobile phone MX6 feel very good, the appearance also follows the design of flagship models, the protective cover is either the thickness or appearance, in fact does not give Meizu points, but the function is indeed, innovation.

MX6 summarizes and redefines dreams

At the MX6 press conference, Meizu used mature technology insights, balanced, but refused to mediocre configuration, and dream match price three words to describe. In other words, the next MX series of mobile phones, will use the configuration in the end, while with Meizu’s highest level of technology.

In fact, in today’s smart phone performance is surplus today, the real competition is the level of hardware technology. MX6 do not lose in the iPhone feel, workmanship, really make a price of less than 2000 yuan of mobile phones become more value. But if you’re looking for someone with a fever, you might think MX6 is too expensive.

Meizu MX6 pat

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