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I studied two, currently in Beijing to read computer major, all day life is hard to boss to do projects.

The usual life boring and hard, only for fun on the toss of various digital products and sports, sports skiing jogging cycling and so on love is not to say, this paper introduces the Department (ban) research (Zhuan) I love the place to stay, my dormitory.

Let’s talk about the dormitory structure first! Our dormitory adopts an apartment type structure, with elevators all. The apartment is a suite of 7-10 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a bathroom (including bath room). Each bedroom is a single room with air-conditioning! The single room can be divided into two kinds according to the bedroom size, 7 square meters and 10 square meters. Fortunately, I stayed in a room with a flat of 10.

The following quarters are detailed, the whole camera with mobile phones shooting, mobile phone high sense of bad, light is not good, the effect of the map is very slag, you students understand more. The whole dormitory is roughly divided into 3 areas, namely:

Sundries storage

Sleep break

Work entertainment


Just beginning


0. panoramic overview:

1. debris storage

In a row shelf plus debris storage area is the window on the right side of.

The windows used to dry clothes;

The left half of the rack is provided with articles for daily use, toiletries, etc.;

The right half of the rack is specially designed for chargers, MP3, headsets, various wire rods, riding tools, etc. the drawer contains various data cards, U trays, batteries and so on. Storage boxes, sundries and the like are more chaotic, and do not want to clear up, mobile phone charging is done here.

2. go to bed

The opposite side of the rack is a bed. After four years of sleep at the University, the bed feels comfortable under the lower berth, and the graduate school is finally back to normal, and it is much easier to get into bed. The top of the bed is also a glove rack, with some unusual sundries, empty boxes and so on. The right side of the bed is a closet, not elaborate.

There are no pictures here.

3. work, play

The main play, drying the desktop!

The part of the table wants to be as simple as possible, but it still looks cluttered and feels used.

The lower part of the table was fairly satisfactory.

The dual display group, recently cut right is ViewSonic VP2780-4K, on the left is five years ago when buying the MICROSTAR undergraduate writing code of written documents, watching the movie TV repair map handy, very pleasant.

Students who want to buy 4K display must confirm your host’s ability to bring up 4K resolution before purchasing. 4K resolution suitable for writing code, retouching, watch HD, machine performance of these needs are not that sick, but if you want to play the game without the resolution of the 4K, or don’t want to double the titan.

The display bracket is music DLB502, just enough to support VP2780.

The bracket is to save space, it is also very easy to adjust, bring great enjoyment for my entertainment life, to display adjustment to the front, point down, I’ll be lying on the couch into the lazy movie mode, very happy.

If the budget is insufficient, buy this as long as 237 songs enough, you can meet a variety of needs, but the work only slightly worse, of course, if you are not bad money, then egger rose bar.

The keyboard is cherry g80-3000 tea axis, the leader of the birthday gift sent, spent two years, very treasure. Today, I’ve just changed the axle spring of the alphabet and the keyboard, and replaced it with the red shaft.

If you play the game, may be more suitable for black green Axis axis, I like this do not play games, tea or red shaft axis to write code, the document is very pleasant, with green axis typing always feel a bond rebound speed is too slow, not typing rhythm, while the shaft and the shaft is very red tea follow up, use is very smooth.

The mouse is the Logitech G300s, directed multiple custom key to, then look at the Jingdong activities as long as 120 to buy, use is also good, because not playing the game so I do not have what the mouse, the keyboard in good condition.

There are three notebooks, mainly with MACBOOK, PRO and DELL N4010, as well as a ThinkPad X120e, basically eating ash.

MACBOOK PRO with 4K display is perfect for display, built-in Mini DP DP can achieve 2160P@60Hz, 4K display no discomfort from the R screen around the old monitor watching 1080P, are big fruit. Repair plans to see high-definition when the crisp explosion, but I was 15 inches of 15 years standard, and still feel a little hard, alas, 4K people love and hate. But writing code and writing documents is really efficient, and a pretty screen and resolution is a joy.

MACBOOK PRO for the development of iOS, APP or python, Java, Web front-end and so on, no problem, but if it is Windows development, or away from it, always open a virtual machine is not a thing ah.

IPad3 was a thing many years ago, placed in desk lamps, decorated, occasionally with Bluetooth speakers, listening to music. Suggest that you buy iPad mini, more practical.

DELL N4010 is just six years ago when the college bought, that time was also on the middle of the configuration, the first generation i5, 4G memory, HD5470 graphics card, the old guy diligent service for nearly six years, I added 240g SSD, with an external fan solve the heat problem, now has to cope with the vast majority of use the scene is very smooth. Now his role is a simple NAS, a few external hard disk, usually in the North American film, mail forum some auxiliary, as the data warehouse I used, so MAC does not need to connect the external hard disk, direct remote access DELL shared folders can achieve access to the general. My code document are MAC, American movies are played by remote access to shared folders, the speed can reach 10M/s, the resolution of the 4K TV play is enough. If you have an old notebook, you can use it like this, without considering power consumption and noise.

DELL drive power subwoofer socket all housed in the unified under the table right, it seems quite neat, the bottom of the box was placed in the hard disk and power adapter and so on, still out of two large holes, with two small fan to exhaust.

ThinkPad X120e is very cheap to collect second-hand, impulse consumption ah, basically eat ash. Put on the small desk on the left hand side of the desk, Linux, deepin and so on, but I do not engage in this convenient development, so there is no value, now back to Win10, and occasionally brought to the library.

There are three headphones, Beats, solo2, PHILPS’s SPH9500 and innovative Air. Solo2 is the leader to buy MacBook to send, gave me to use, for this I am happy for a long time, after all, Beats brand is too loud, and this is the most expensive headphones I have ever used, none of them! The remaining two are seen in all Zhang aunt’s recommendations, and then hand chop. I totally do not understand this truth, just listen to a sound, I think the sound is five years ago to spend 70 to buy, now listen also feel the sound great You’ll see. duomu with my ears, so in this respect, we need. Also, I think the packaging for the innovative Air is fantastic!

Camera I use Canon’s 550D, about four or five years ago to buy, shutter fast twenty thousand, like photography, scenery and portrait are like, at present only 501.8, a lens, this configuration is not shabby to burst ah? In this way, I also took many small and fresh pictures to the leaders, and I was satisfied with them. Finally, I would give some of my scenery and works. Welcome to correct me!

There is also a more than 70 hand stabilized stabilizer used for video, but the effect is not ideal and not much. Cameras, such as these, are placed under the desk and on the left shelf for easy use at any time.

Novice to learn photography must understand their love what to shoot, landscape or portrait, it can be more targeted in the choice of lens, the lens can also save some money to buy, take portraits on large aperture focusing, shooting scenery with a telephoto wide-angle, big bird (for instance, not absolute).

Mobile phone used before the Samsung note3, iPhone56, and now back to Samsung Android phone, camera is better than iPhone, the other is not to say, is as good as iOS. Mobile phone this thing is too deep, I do not use mobile phones to play games, there is no performance requirements, as long as taking pictures, and support 4K video just fine, so there is no research.

There are too many miscellaneous items, not one by one. Forgive me for a poor engineering man’s writing style. I hope I don’t affect your reading mood. Thank you for reading. Please criticize me!

Here are some photographic works. We welcome all kinds of praise and criticism!

4. summary

Although the bedroom layout is very comfortable, but most of my time is spent in the lab work station, dormitory is back to sleep, before going to bed to see TV, a map, although the utilization rate is not high, but still have to pack properly OCD was comfortable, the sun a good laboratory station.

In fact, the quality of the school lies not in the quality of the dormitory, but in the quality of education and the atmosphere of study. The school has given a good environment, should learn to cherish, worthy of the difficult time for students. No matter where, as long as the painstaking to learn, follow the pace of the master temper line, even if the dormitory equipped, and the “Helou”?

The mountain is not high, but the immortal is famous. The water is not deep, there is Long Zeling. Our house, but I Dexin. Taihen order green grass green color into the shade. Talk and laugh with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros. You can tune the piano and read the Jin jing. No music ear, no – lots of paperwork. Zhuge Lu, Nanyang, china. Confucius says: what rudeness?

5. references

I would like to thank you for the student dormitory data and the summary of the fourth sections of this article, and on the WeChat articles from the student union of the university!

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///20160608 update


Use this thread to record the desktop process under own, Jingdong 618 is really a grand festival, chop, Edifier S1000 good vision lamp and Samsung note3 charger, the laboratory also unified new keyboard SK-8825, now update the new desktop.

In addition to my main mobile phone is still Samsung note3, a charger has a post specially introduced, interested students can look at me:

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