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[orange – basic knowledge of mechanical keyboard]

Types of material craft brands on the mechanical keyboard.


I hold a serious attitude, this is for you to play the keyboard mouse ZEALER community;

If there is any mistake, please correct it.


In the early keyboard have mechanical keyboard, has experienced a boom and was cheap and beautiful film keyboard instead; after a mechanical keyboard after the change radically more is now facing consumer groups in a place in the high-end products, while the number of customization is the height of game player to an extreme.

The material from the beginning of the PBT ABS POM resin Aluminum Alloy precious metal style laser engraving process from screen printing to CNC processing 3D dye sublimation printing and so on; game player have done everything they can to make the brand become the kind of process the kinds and the styles of the keyboard to enter a superb collection of beautiful things of the keyboard novice game player look at the dazzling circle. Today I data of the existing network, combined with their own understanding to tell you about the types of material craft brand related mechanical keyboard keycap.

A specification.


(source Post Bar)


On the figure, the height of the key cap has many kinds of specifications, I only take several common description:


1, the original factory height, the original refers to the cherry. The original height refers to the height of the usual cap and cherry uniform cap. (here, 1 versus 2)


2 OEM height, OEM is the abbreviation of foundry company. It is non original production in mechanical keyboard, means than the original (made in Germany) produced a layer of foundry keycap keycap. Figure DSA can cool the duck under Phil Kay so cool production are the same height cap.

3 SA golf cap, the first here to distinguish between ball cap and non ball cap; secondly, golf is high ball cap, there are four kinds of different height R1-R4. Personally, I think it’s tiring to use.




(SA Round 5. source Post Bar)


4 DSA short ball cap, as the name suggests, is the height of the lower ball cap (commonly known as flat chested), but the difference is not the difference between the overall height is DSA. (here, 3 versus 4)



(DSA granite)

In addition, a cap height standard is not the same (except DSA short ball), from low to high as the height of R1-R4 (very few have the height of R5 such as RACE2):


R1:R1 Ctrl Win refers to the height of the row space and Shift Z-? The row height of cap


R2:R2 height refers to the height of the ‘A-‘ button cap


R3:R3 Q- refers to the height of the row height of cap]


R4:R4 height refers to the row number and the Esc-F area – cap height


Each row of the R cap height and the surface of the keycap tilt tilt direction is not the same, so the user in the hands will be more comfortable typing process.

Two. Material (and brand):


(here I combine the brand with the material.)


However, compared with the ergonomic design of the key cap, there is another effect of typing experience and feel the factors, that is the material. The main mechanical keyboard is made of ABS plastic, POM plastic and PBT material (nylon rare):




Chemical name: chemical name of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic


English Name: Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene, plastic


The ABS material is the largest of all materials, of course, the main reason is that technology is mature and cheap, you can see the ABS material from dozens of ordinary keyboard keycaps to thousands of dollars of high-end goods. ABS the variety of colors can be made transparent in order to adapt to the backlight lamp, which is beyond the reach of other materials. This material is made of several other relative material of the soft cap, not very hard to touch gently, can be said to feel relatively good, but easy to off. (what is a science here)




Used the Internet in Internet cafes and other public environment friend will find the internet keyboard surface shiny with soapy. The surface of the keycap polishing frequently caused by the use of the phenomenon known as “nonsense”.

Representative: Gmk Sp red gray black and purple original Desko







Chemical name: polybutylene terephthalate


English Name: Polybutylene terephthalate


PBT is often mentioned in the mechanical keyboard circle, it should be the most reliable excellent materials both keycap, anti oil and hardness are first-class, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation effect is also very good, is never off. In addition it under the environment of high temperature water and easy decomposition, it is because of this characteristic so special shops to use boiled PBT cap color, dyed color keycap off natural beauty. (infection infection sculpture) of course the price is also very expensive, a set of 37 key areas of rainbow cap to sell to one hundred yuan or so. (relatively expensive. = =)

Representative: Bsp red Russian food dish PBT Black / white moment key -joker Pac Man

(red, Russian, pac man, Joker pictures from the web)



Chemical name: POM

English Name: Polyoxymethylene


The POM material relative to ABS, Cherry special love, so the original keyboard in the most common. It is a durable, simple material. Whether it is strong POM durability is better than ABS, anti oil capacity is also doubled, with at least two or three years does not appear off problem (Limerick appears It differs from man to man.). Feel between PBT and ABS.


Representative: Cherry G80-3000 black cap set – key keyboard is equipped with jelly color moment

(pictures from the Internet)

(pictures from the network)


Above is a common complete sale of cap material, here is to introduce the customized game player some cap material covered more



As the name suggests, is the resin raw materials for the production of personality cap. Are widely used in the making of the personality.

Representative: Hammer hammer – key – Rose Ge Tibet Baron HC- Martin -G2 aegis Bureau

(pictures from the network)

(part of the picture from the network)

Metal (aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, etc.)

The metal cap, for I love the personality of cap material; common in Aluminum Alloy anode personality cap, there are some customization pioneer in the development of precious metals such as titanium alloy material cap.

Representative: Hammer – hammer nebula Hlzz- titanium cross fried teacher Aluminum Alloy series E series of small cap cap smelly

(pictures from the Internet)

(pictures from the Internet)




Is a customized representative I have no free attitude (I can explain to me with 10 points to force the attitude; attitude) custom game player are doing their utmost to put any usable materials into the keycap armed to the keyboard.


(I) the known material (material) has:


Wood (representative: Peach ball game player)



Precious metals such as gold and silver (with chamber23)



Shotgun cartridge (on behalf of BunnyLake game player Beamon)


(pictures from EC Forum)

Horn (representing orange)

As the name implies, through the processing on the horns of the polished retro inlaid in the base of the stainless steel cap

Introduce a variety of cap, may have let you have a big nod (circle big roll somersault are really capable of TM = =); maybe you will ask, um, this is what process?


Don’t worry. I’m going to talk about the last point.

Three. Process


That process, to bear the brunt of introduction is currently serving in the production of several key on the keyboard is also used in the process, character printing;

The most common is the laser etching, screen printing, laser printing, packing method, hollow double color molding method of sublimation.

Laser etching


What is the use of laser etching technology in laser engraving on the burning out of the black cap groove. Because of the imprint of the imprint is linear, so the common laser etching, the arrow on the keyboard is hollow.


There are a large number of white keyboard is basically a key cap using this technology, mainly manufacturers took a fancy to its low cost, although the production line of the high price, but its output is ten times higher than other printing mode, but also because it is the burning moment of writing, so do not need any can any other measures have the handwriting is clear and firm. Another reason for its scale is that it is environmentally friendly and does not produce harmful products.

Screen printing (reference BenQ keyboard)

The principle is a special screen covered in the blank on the keyboard, the handwriting place is hollowed out, then the ink from the above scratch, such writing in some will be hollowed out on.


The characteristics of screen printing is a screen brush can later printed handwriting on a layer of plastic and special, after drying can be formed in a plastic protective film layer is covered on the printed handwriting, can prevent the long time wear of handwriting, which is commonly referred to as the keyboard film. Compared with laser etching, screen printing can print a variety of colors freely through repeated screening of many screens, and there is no limit to the requirements of the keyboard material. But because of the limitations of its printing methods, it is still impossible to print the shape of the keyboard too complex.

Laser filling method (often used in PBT, reference keys, bureau, Phil Jackson)


The principle of laser filling process is somewhat similar to “tattoo”, is to use a pattern tattoo needle thin lines on the skin, then use the paint filling, this color will penetrate the skin texture, then do not wash with water or wear off. Laser packing technology is also so, first with the laser etching technique of printing over text (but usually than laser etching 7building too shallow, in order to ensure the smooth surface), and then use the two printing ink printing ink, laser curing that seeped into the left nicks and remain there, then will not easily be lost the.


Hollow printing method (Ref. ABS, magic duck 2108S cap)

This printing method that is simple, is made of transparent materials button, then covered with opaque paint surface of the key, in accordance with the text will look into the surface of hollow engraved”. If the opaque paint is applied to the inside of the button without touching the finger’s side, the text naturally becomes permanent.

This hollowing out of the font because it is “carved out”, so than the ink is more clear and bright, like the mobile phone keyboard, the key words can be installed below hollow backlight circuit, the laptop keyboard like mobile phone keyboard as backlight has excellent effect. But the defects of printing method hollow is also very obvious, this kind of transparent material used in the manufacture of the keyboard, its elasticity, hardness and wear resistance of the less common congenital cap material. In fact, whether or not the use of hollow text printing, transparent cap material has not a catch in touch on the traditional black and white plastic ABS.


Two color forming (see ABS, GMK pale red)

Two color molding is used to mold two different colors of plastic together, by the difference of two kinds of plastic color to display fonts. The advantage is that the font of bright color, high durability, not easy to have the word phenomenon, manufacturing technology is good enough cap performance will be very good feeling. Shortcomings are difficult to show the finer text, color types monotonous, stroke complexity is low, and the fixed cost of manufacturing is expensive.

Sublimation method (often used in reference to the BSP PBT cap, Russian)

It is a printing process that is quite different from ordinary ink printing. It is not a common liquid pigment ink, but a solid resin ink. This ink will sublimate into gas at high temperature to form into gaseous molecules can penetrate the surface of printing after sublimation of, thus becoming a whole with the printing surface in the physical level, and not just like ordinary pigment ink so stuck on the printing surface, so the printing fastness high. And resin inks inherent in gloss, shape and other aspects of the more outstanding.

After the introduction of the process more applied to customized keyboard keycaps on personality:

3D printing (or similar process) paint grinding process

Representative: orange yellow


Draw the cap substrate by using 3D drawing, post production water putty painted by 3D printing, polishing and other steps finally made decolorizing cap. The advantages are custom degrees of freedom, with other variety of color collocation, collocation of the keyboard light of the effect was very perfect; the disadvantage is more time-consuming process, its impact resin is relatively easy to damage, the yellow cap itself.


(pictures from the Internet)


PBT infection engraving manual padding

Representative: Zhao


The infection to cap color, after filling material by carving set cap and a series of film last night finally completed the process. Has the advantages of unique design unique filler with luminous infection regardless of the day or night to cap are out of position, the disadvantage is the improper use of improper preservation packing is easy to turn yellow.


Resins (most of the mass market products currently on the market)

Representative: Martin hammer


The drawing using 3D drawing, making mother hand polished correction… It it it it it it it it (for me this piece of resin process is poorly understood, but with the idea of making direction should be no problem). The utility model has the advantages of convenient manufacture, relatively low price and colorful appearance, and is characterized by easy yellowing and easy replication.


CNC integrated processing technology (RAM personal judgment)

Note: the application of CNC individual known as integrated processing brand cap, according to the relevant professional friends is completely can be manufactured by stamping technology (stamping cost lower than CNC)

The use of 3D graphics rendering cap, and use CNC integrated processing technology, metal cap late grinding sandblasting anode and a series of processes of. The utility model has the advantages of rich modeling, exquisite texture and high collection value, and the disadvantage is that the manufacture cost is high and the price is relatively expensive.

Representative: Hammer fried small Z teacher


Concluding remarks

, orange is introduced and integration of the relevant mechanical keyboard specification material brand data types

You want to help game player

Be careful

The above content is partly from the Internet

If there is any mistake, please correct it

Thanks to AG, Orange Juice dried fish for my error correction


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