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2017-7-17 Publish

In April 22, 2015, HUAWEI released a new generation of Bracelet “HUAWEI B2” in Shanghai, we all know that the current market is divided into: Sports bracelet, message push type, decoration type bracelet, most bracelet features are relatively simple, but in recent years the development of the traditional Bracelet seems to have encountered a bottleneck, the bracelet in appearance, hardware configuration and other aspects of the basic functions of circles, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in usability. The HUAWEI B2 bracelet using the world’s first “separation” design, in the traditional bracelet with decorative, news push, movement recording and sleep monitoring function, but also combines Bluetooth call function. As a sports bracelet and Bluetooth call perfect combination of HUAWEI B2 will give us how kind of experience, this big darling will bring you in-depth understanding of this paragraph “HUAWEI B2 bracelet.””.

As a perfect combination of the HUAWEI B2 bracelet jewelry packaging packaging by type of products, light packaging has been very high grade, open the package by: HUAWEI B2x bracelet bracelet (1 base metal wire drawing, Bluetooth headset) USB data line X1 (data line on the surface of the commonly used mobile phone charging city the data line), information security manual quick start manual X1, X1. In terms of Bracelet color, HUAWEI B2 has 3 colors for users to choose, of which the business version of the B2 are: day Hui, gold, black, silver. The sports version is black. The color diversity of HUAWEI B2 also meets the needs of different groups of people.

HUAWEI B2 screen is 0.73 inches with a resolution of 128×88 pixels OLED touch screen, before we see the bracelets and watches are ugly black edge or border, B2 front looks very strong sense of vision all blend into one harmonious whole metal, the appearance of the first eye and hand ring watches on the market have common opened the gap, the bracelet is no longer cheap products. On the market with the commonly used TFT screen material, with a OLED screen of the HUAWEI B2 display has better self luminescence, wide scope, fast speed, image stabilization, high brightness, rich in color, but it is worth mentioning that, after the test of B2 in strong performance is poor, under the scorching sun to see the screen is not clear. I hope there will be some improvement later. In the device is easy to run, OLED touch screen driver voltage low, low power consumption, which also gives the bracelet standby time has greatly improved, greatly increased the equipment wear time, eliminating repeated recharge troubles.

Bracelet is divided into two parts, base headphones, headphones in the base close together, no sway in the experience. When two keys are pressed at the lower part of the base, the earphone can be taken down, the key length is long, and the symmetrical design on both sides can prevent the wrist from touching the button and cause the earphone to fall off. But it’s not convenient to take headphones off in one hand. Wristband base is also used in all metal drawing design, strong texture, but also enhance the bracelet grade.

HUAWEI B2 watch strap buckle is used in butterfly butterfly design, design of the watchband, remove and adjust wear size are very convenient, very comfortable to wear Leather Watchband collocation and light, interested can also replace your buddy love the watchband, give you a specification here, B2 15mm (the ear the stick between the ears is simple to understand and watch, watch strap fixed) B2 watch strap choice to choose 19mm convex mouth watchband oh.

HUAWEI B2 separation design the headset at both sides of the main body and function keys is the use of metal wire drawing design, function key distance short press comfortable, headset on both sides with a buckle protrusions and depressions, the back with headset related information and standard USB2.0 charging port, charging port is actually hope this darling the design into a contact magnetic adsorption type design, this can greatly improve the waterproof performance and the headset headset overall appearance, can put the interface design on the base of charging.

After testing, headphones in the 3 hour wear process, wear comfortable, light, no swelling pain. Standby time, 7 days of testing, in the case of severe use, 2 days or so, mild use of about 5 days, 0~100 charging time 1.5 hours. Suggest that users usually use, with the charge.

HUAWEI B2 has IP57 waterproof standard we put IP57 apart, “IP (dust class) (waterproof)”, “protection” from the 0~ 6 value the greater the dustproof, dustproof HUAWEI B2 5 IP5- to prevent foreign matter and dust, completely prevent outside intrusion, though not completely prevent dust but the dust intrusion, intrusion will not affect the normal work of equipment. “Waterproof” from the 0~8 for the same value the greater the better waterproof, HUAWEI B2 waterproof IPX7, IPX7 equipment in the water for a certain period of time or pressure under the certain standard, can not ensure that caused equipment damage due to water intrusion. The premise has dustproof communication function of HUAWEI B2 bracelet and and waterproof integrated in its function under at present has reached a very high standard, rainy days, hands do not have to worry about daily life. But don’t take your hand with a bath, dive or sauna.


HUAWEI B2 headphone main body, the left side is the “air pressure” hole, as a waterproof function auxiliary use, when the headset water through the air pressure empty out of the water inside the fuselage.

We use the Bluetooth headset in the past, many are using single MIC, single MIC is the defects in the bus, subway and other noisy environment, call each other to recognize your voice, we are often seen as noisy call a party to put his hands over his headset to call or, even with Mongolia, convey some important information easily because can’t hear and delay.


HUAWEI B2 Bracelet provides dual MIC noise reduction algorithm on the right side of the main body balance principle of B2 headset, headset is double Mike 2 built-in microphone, a clear call, another microphone physics active noise cancellation, the bracelet outside sound processing, acoustic emission and noise on the contrary, the elimination of noise by using the principle of cancellation. With dual MIC noise reduction features, HUAWEI B2 guarantees clarity on the phone, eliminating interference from outside sound, giving the user a high quality phone experience.

HUAWEI B2 Bluetooth with the British CSR chip suppliers, CSR as a consumer product in the heart, is the largest supplier of Bluetooth chip, with 50% of the global market share, CSR Bluetooth solutions have improved significantly for the stability of data transmission, Bluetooth bracelet.


Good for bracelet and mobile phone Bluetooth connection speed test, ring connected with the mobile phone after a restart speed for 3 seconds, mobile phone restart after the Bluetooth connection speed for 3 seconds, the current HUAWEI B2 Bracelet short-term automatic connection speed is laudable, at the same time controllable Bluetooth distance 10 meters.

After the mobile phone download “HUAWEI wearable” and successfully paired with B2 bracelet, APP will display the current Bluetooth connection and B2 bracelet bracelet battery current, open the status bar prompts, “HUAWEI wearable” APP background operation, will also have the bracelet power as well as the Bluetooth connection icon in the top mobile phone. Easy user to see B2 Bracelet status. Open the Bluetooth disconnect reminder “hand ring beyond the controllable distance or ring off, as long as there is a single disconnect, mobile phone ringtones will alarm prompt Bluetooth disconnect Bracelet terminal will vibrate the phone Bluetooth disconnected. Whether it’s a cell phone or bracelet, which you forget to carry with you, this feature can be a friendly reminder.

B2 APP is a bracelet daily alarm, reminder can be set up to 5, that is to say we can set 6 daily alarm clock, sedentary reminder provides the lowest 30 minutes up to 120 minutes adjustable options, alarm clock, reminder and sedentary reminder can adjust time and remind remind cycle.

When we set up a long time to sit after the reminder to trigger the request, B2 bracelet will vibrate to remind the user up movement, the daily set of goals after the B2 bracelet will vibrate accordingly to remind the user, as shown above.

Press the function key to wake up the dial, dial at the interface to the sliding down we can see the current state of motion data, such as: walking step, jogging or cycling distance, how many calories consumed, and sleep etc.. The display is shown in the form of a dynamic graph, and the interface is very friendly.

HUAWEI B2 bracelet with six axis sensor, six axis sensor is actually 3 axis acceleration sensor “and” 3 axis, three axis acceleration sensor to detect lateral acceleration, three axis gyroscope detection is the angle of rotation and balance the two together “six axis sensor” to the full range of human motion detection, motion at the same time, the detected data accuracy will be higher.

“HUAWEI” APP provides abundant motion information statistics, the day of the exercise and sleep data in this interface, pull the current data synchronization, after testing in the motion data drop-down interface data synchronization time is 3 seconds for the time synchronization data have the time with friends is forced rapidly, at the same time APP on the day, per month to help users to analyze their movement and sleep he data. In motion data synchronization, automatic synchronization is recommended here, such as synchronizing data in real time or setting up automatic synchronization in hours.

Enter the APP “trajectory” mode by sensing the current state of motion bracelet, with mobile phone starting from the record APP terminal will display the current line and the motion state of motion, motion trajectory is called High German map, trajectory and motion data display are very accurate in place.


What needs to be explained here is that, at present, if you want to perform the function of “trajectory”, you must set goals and set goals in order to achieve the function of trajectory. It is recommended to cancel this setting, or increase the full day motion track detection function, which will be more consistent with the bracelet.

The motion data of course need to share with your buddy, the HUAWEI B2 provides access to WeChat, will be able to access and partners than a game together share the joy of movement, you see today is not the first, if not the first to refuel oh.

HUAWEI B2 bracelet can also replace the dial, in the wake of the state Bracelet screen, press the screen to dial 3 seconds will appear to replace the dial interface, users can choose their own love sliding on the dial, dial the official offer only 4, but in the end the operation to complete the bracelet, hoping the latter can increase the dial number at the same time on the APP side into the dial to replace the function, it will be more in line with the habit of users.

The headset on the wristband to press the function keys to activate the dial, then press the function key for 3 seconds, will enter the function interface, the interface has 3 options: Bluetooth (open and close), remote camera (currently only applies to HUAWEI mobile phone, mobile phone search). Enter the mobile phone search function interface click on the screen you can find B2 Bracelet executive function in mobile phone, Bluetooth mobile phone search range is controlled by voice growing mode, voice prompts that the background music for the live voice, the tone is: I’m here Oh, oh I’m here. The sound is soft and crisp, and if you experience it, you’ll really die.

HUAWEI B2 as a smart Bracelet certainly does not lack a message to remind function, we can choose what we need to remind the software settings, the reminder message text is limited, in about 12 words or so, that is to say more than 12 words is completely unable to display the bracelet will be rolling cycle 12 words, software remind micro-blog is currently not possible to receive all incoming calls at the same time to remind the AIT, we received, SMS and other software message push is instant, that is to say if the user is not in the message display time to view, then these messages can not function interface bracelet will see, this is because there is no B2 bracelet the built-in memos, according to the hardware parameters of HUAWEI B2 RAM:96kb, ROM:16MB Flash (Bluetooth), 512KB Flash (microprocessor), in fact, HUAWEI B2 Bracelet completely Able to store at least 3~7 messages and can be viewed back, and the information push display is fully capable of displaying completely. I hope to optimize and add these functions in the later firmware.

In daily life, HUAWEI B2 Bracelet Bluetooth communication function also played his convenience, using HUAWEI B2 separation design when a call as long as it will remove the bracelet can realize the automatic answering function, but unfortunately the headset back strap, there is no automatic hang up function, it also hopes to join later this function in the firmware.

We all know that the current large screen mobile phone has become a trend, larger volume of the mobile phone from the bag, pocket phone and view messages are very inconvenient, all incoming calls and messages must come up with a mobile phone to view, while talking on the phone, but also a long time to lift machine liqihuo, HUAWEI B2 both driving and movement, party scene to answer the phone to see the message all shoudaoqinlai, eliminates the frequent out of mobile phone or long time holding mobile phone trouble.

With the killers, pengci, and driving love call people playing mobile phone driver has become a high risk population, in order to make the normal driving safer, a lot of people to ourselves with the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset allows the driver to appear more attention for the car, the HUAWEI B2 Bracelet in driving bear to reduce the risk of the driving role, worn on the wrist, B2 received calls will remind a slight vibration, blind operation with one hand can put the headset off realize answer operation, or as a Bluetooth headset has been worn, touch function keys to achieve telephone function.

Currently on the market of the mobile phone speaker size, when business trip, party, meeting these scenes very easy phone calls or SMS, WeChat failed to see the important news. Such as mobile phone on the bag because of small bell noisy environment, missed call party missed call, mobile phone company meeting regulation into the vibration of missed calls, etc.. HUAWEI B2 as a smart bracelet will help users to these messages pushed up bracelet to remind the user of missed calls, and then forget to see the message, he said ON.

HUAWEI B2 bracelet is also a hidden function, is the callback function, realize the function need to meet the following conditions: connect to the HUAWEI B2 mobile phone with the incoming call, or missed calls, then the HUAWEI B2 screen will shake and screen dynamic display of the missed calls / calls to click on the screen will appear to return / back here click on the icon, you can achieve the callback callback function (the headset detached from the base to achieve callback)

Sum up:


Combining exercise with the Bluetooth phone perfect HUAWEI B2 bracelet, all metal appearance to enhance the grade of the bracelet has greatly increased the wear group, the weight of 40g both wrists, or Bluetooth are very comfortable to wear. On the market, the smart bracelet features a single Bluetooth headset has not enough to meet people’s needs, innovative HUAWEI B2 bracelet bracelet wearable opens a new mode in the smart wearable market, besides the mentioned shortcomings as HUAWEI B2 function outstanding indeed to usually work and entertainment have brought great convenience a saying: in order to be irreplaceable, it must be out of the ordinary! At this point, HUAWEI B2 Bracelet did do. As the 1199 price, HUAWEI B2 bracelet, from the functional use of experience, I personally feel that it is not lost to 1 days, a price of 2500 yuan an apple watch.


At present, HUAWEI B2 Bracelet price, Business Edition 1199, sports version 999. When it comes to the price, I think there will be a lot of people Tucao, you may say: “I go.”! So expensive, too expensive, and buy a good Bracelet alone, a good Bluetooth headset will not exceed this price ah! It’s just killing people! This Tucao, here I want to say: “Made in Chian Chinese made foreign users seem to have been in a cheap and bottom reputation show, so Apple led to intelligent equipment no matter how ugly he is more expensive, how unhappy you function you why don’t you say he said it is not good? Is not as Chinese people we should rethink any innovation of domestic and non innovative products as manufacturers have paid his human and financial resources, energy, and effort, these are the pride of our people and our people’s wisdom, we can not because of the price to kill him, “Made in Chian China” need our support, and cheer! In this way, our products made in China will be able to go abroad in a high-profile manner and be accepted by foreigners.

HUAWEI B2 Bracelet pat – courage chapter

Finally, attach HUAWEI B2 Bracelet handy pat —- tea ceremony article

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