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2017-7-18 Publish

What do you think is necessary for a good fit? Fashionable? Practical? Or do not eat soil?

A woman wants to let you travel in a conversation, in addition to the most important dress, plus some make you carry small objects with style, occasionally with cool transport. The whole person’s temperament on a grade, but also afraid of Tanabata Festival, no sister willing to accompany you? Let Mr. OK teach you how to dress, attract the woman to the eye, let you also have been right attribute.

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Simple and clean trend, wear, let you low-key and connotation

In the summer of passion and colorful summer, how collocation to dominate? In fact, simple and clean trend to wear, even a small single product can also let you tide man temperament full. Fashion watches, coupled with the trend of the shoulder bag, more show male temperament, and a tide of sunglasses with the streets more children, every detail highlights the trend of taste. If you love sports, and want to take exercise so a metrosexual man feeling, leisure sports backpack on a sports bracelet, you sweat in the moment you leave metrosexual man one step closer. In addition, a casual and scientific sense of the top coat collocation, clean and refreshing, as a whole mix with some youthful personality elements. The next few casual styles and simple styles will keep you clean and clean all summer.

1. trend shoulder bag

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For the package, there are several different ways to carry man portable, lightweight, surface or clip in the lower arm, each posture shows the maturity of man itself. For most men, pack more men’s dedication and potential ambitions. A thick document or agreement is a sign of their future opportunities and wealth. This kind of shoulder bag can be used as a handbag and a satchel for a single room. Built in 14 inch notebook container, it is to let you travel work two correct.

2.Vans/ van sport shoes

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The quality of sports shoes requirements of you, I believe it is difficult to find a pair of good-looking, not identical, and luxury sports shoes. That would be a good choice for the unfamiliar Vans. The “tide brand” from the United States, with its unique culture and aesthetics, has become a trend for young people to wear. And this is the classic in Vans casual shoes, invariant side stripes, simple classic design, super wearable outsole, flexible EVA midsole, all of which bring you the most authentic Vans experience.

3.Misfit Ray smart wristbands

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Sweat in the movement of the man is the most charming, wearing a color value SPORTS BRACELET high start to build muscle movement, the speed of feeling has become faster. Ray supports motion and sleep monitoring, and also supports reminders of incoming calls, text messages, and alarms by color changes in vibrations and LED lights, and has 50m waterproof designs. Endurance is still very long, the replacement of a button battery, you can reach 6 months of long endurance. For already smart watches users, if you want another product can be filled with watches, lack of life, swimming and other shortcomings can not be worn, Ray may be a good choice.

4.yeso men’s shoulder bag

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How can you travel without a shoulder bag, after all, you travel the hands and feet are relatively busy, a large capacity backpack, will reduce your pressure, so that you do not need to go out, left hand bag, right hand bag. Large capacity main zipper bags, notebooks, mobile hard disk, can accommodate large headset and other daily necessities, long-distance travel can be loaded down clothing and other essentials set. It can also be loaded with other equipment. The asymmetrical design also makes you look more wet and bright.

5. Casio

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To be a man of taste, watches are indispensable. However, the usefulness of watches is no longer comparable to that of 20 years ago. After all, there are too many things that can replace it. But there are still many people who wear watches, because watches are not only a tool, but also a decoration. A good watch can set off men’s taste. The extreme simplicity can be completely in watch this calmly reflect, elegant atmosphere full collocation dial men watch strap, classic yet simple personality, pointer display precise, simple love wrist fashion choice.

6.ZEALER classic T-shirt

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Don’t look down on the ugly black T-shirt, which once saved you with the choice disorder in the morning of countless anxious to go out! This classic ZEALER T-shirt came back, ZEALER& NOP combined with LOGO, in addition to cure with obstacles to your more let you and ZEALER.

Summer trips, these belongings make you have style

Summer, how a “hot” word?! Hide in the air conditioning room, sleep on the leather mat, it is cool and comfortable. However, even if the temperature is higher, the sun again “poison”, travel is always inevitable. There is no sun umbrella and portable drinking cup for you to protect yourself from the sun. How can you take the courage to step out of the house?. And now, the continuous development of technology products, need to take out and take care of electronic products are also multifarious, not for them to recharge the battery life, and also can not meet your travel needs. Travel is really a big event, and how to travel with simplicity, I think the next few items are essential.

1. apple Android universal one pull two data line

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The two party is not very upset, when you go out, you need to bring two mobile phones, and bring two different interfaces of data lines. Make the whole bag look very messy, completely inconsistent with a “tide man” image. This two in one data line has both the Micro USB/Type-c interface used by Android phones and the lightning interface used by Apple handsets. Using the popular noodle line design, refuses to twine. The connector also has a blue violet light display that makes the charging clear.

2. multifunctional elastic digital storage board

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Travel time, if you always find something buried in the bag, even if you wear it again I would like to be deducted from the tide of a lot of points. The elastic receiving plate within the package in order to let you become, the built-in rubber band is arranged vertically and horizontally, the articles are not so easy to fall, you need to find something to solve the embarrassing.

3. handmade cow pickup bag

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If you are familiar with today’s fashion stars, you are bound to get used to the clothes they wear in every detail. Small card name card clip, to clothing shoes and bags. A man who believes in the pursuit of quality in life is not allowed to lose his cards. This card is made of pure leather stitching, and it can contain money, identification cards and small change. It is a perfect way to collect all kinds of cards. The men who pay attention to details attract more people’s goals.

4. seventy percent off automatic dual-purpose umbrella

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In fact, the boys have long been tired of the complexity of feminine umbrellas, it is difficult to find a suitable umbrella for boys? How to go out an umbrella is man, in addition to have a girlfriend next door, a high-quality dual-purpose automatic umbrella is also very important. This umbrella uses high-density umbrella fabric, can effectively block ultraviolet light, sun can also be effective sunscreen, sun shading, although the healthy skin color can make boys more attractive men, but also need to do a good job of sunscreen. Since said the umbrella with all-weather, anti splashing technology, can make the water droplets bounce, let you rain is not wet, 24 hour show man charm.

5. retro horn cup

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6. creative notebooks

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A delicate and meaningful notebook can save your travel anecdotes. Notebook is not necessarily the most beautiful to complete the story record, but a fine book can stand out from many books, you can make your mind to record the dribs and drabs of life. Read a few books, write down a few pages, and relax for a few days.

7.KAWECO imported pens

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The pen clip is octagonal Kim retro pen holder, made of stainless steel is used, it will be installed on the upper end cap gently, with convenient daily. Travel or travel, take pens and notebooks, and record good times. Pen writing is a literary and happy thing, any time changes, but also do not forget the beautiful pen writing.

8. global mobile power 12000mAh

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More and more mobile power generation, unfortunately, for boys use too little. Let the boys bid farewell to Meng soft sweet shape storm, to find their own style. This mobile power uses integrated hidden USB line design, 12000mAh ultra large capacity lithium-ion polymer core, allowing you to travel in the process of easy access to mobile power. Seamless U modeling, easy to slip into the bag, insert with portable.

9. multifunctional leather bag

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This bag adopts envelope retro classic design, making the full texture of leather. In addition to the iPad can be put aside, the storage package also has a card mezzanine, multiple storage middle, even if put down two units, 6 inches of mobile phones can be accommodated. Let you travel no longer anxious to find something, and put protective clothing on your iPad.

Travel interesting things, instantly improve your travel experience

Every summer, the world will be calling us, driving us to smash life chain, will be full of suspicion, shilly-shally old me behind, desperately ran forward, but this time there is the concept of travel. What kind of travel can make repeated trips more interesting? This year, if you are around a few strange travel attractions, you must also be on the way to show the best condition.

1. creative mosquito repellent spray

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Every childhood summer, there must be: watermelon, fans and mosquitoes, in this mosquito like a helicopter era, even radar can not cure it. The summer will be hard to avoid outdoor activities, accidentally bitten by mosquitoes on a public occasion will not scratch the itch too indecent? This mosquito Spray 4: Gay spray, spray, anti decontamination liquid and compressed fart. As the name suggests, it can make male mosquitoes into gay, female mosquitoes helpless, have to lily. Purify the hearts of mosquitoes and let mosquitoes no longer be vampires. (* o *)… I said so much in a solemn way, and I had no face to talk about the next two. Is actually a very interesting mosquito spray.

2. Elven ball

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Summer trip with friends to play dodge ball, always throw a Poke Ball shouted, soothe him can improve certain hit probability. This Poke Ball by PU foaming material quality, make the jumping ball service life is greatly increased, and more light. The appearance of the animation design is Pocket Monster’s elf ball, so that friends like Pocket Monster can experience their own throwing a ball of ELF pleasure.

The trip is new, let you cool travel transport

With the traffic congestion in the city becoming more and more serious, it is very important to choose a suitable way to travel. A simple and portable means of transportation is a good choice. But riding a bicycle is too tired, the electric car is too big, if can have a handy tool for walking, isn’t it very good? And these travel to work or daily travel tools, is not to let you travel more labor-saving it?

1. millet Smart Balance of the car

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I heard cool’s travel and with more metrosexual man oh. Riding on the intelligent balance of millet cars, shuttle on the road, no need to squeeze the subway, traffic jam, more attractive to the eyes of girls. In addition, this 12.8 kilogram balanced vehicle speeds up to 16km/h, which lets you experience 4 times the speed of walking. Its stability allows you to cross the slopes of 15 degrees. Light, small, portable, it can also be put into the trunk, so that your travel tools are no longer single.

2. speed skateboard

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Skateboarding has slowly become a way of entertainment for young people. A variety of skateboarding competitions make you feel the fun of skateboarding. This skateboard uses imported silent ABEC-11 blue cover bearings, 82A high bullet, so that you in the glide process more secure, rest assured.

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