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2017-7-18 Publish

In 2006, the first generation of iPhone came out, announced the end of the era of functional machines, second years, the advent of Andorid, officially detonated the smart phone. All the major manufacturers to invest in this industry, a few years later, although the industry is still growing, but people, especially the major manufacturers have seen the industry’s weakness, lack of homogeneity, the appearance of software innovation, and the birth of a new idea, smart wearable devices may be the future!

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Subsequently, Google, Glass, Moto 360, Apple, Watch, Sumsung, Gear series, one piece of hardware can only come one after another.

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Go ask the attention for a long time already found new opportunities analysis in speech recognition, semantic has been open Android, combined with their own most Chinese speech recognition at, just filled the Google Chinese in speech recognition of the short board, these things can be stuffed in a smart watch in new hardware!

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So in June 2015, go ask released pure round smart watches Ticwatch, Ticwear operating system with independent research and development of artificial intelligence technology, is to go out and ask the successful landing of a wearable device, once launched immediately by the vigorous pursuit of domestic consumers, become a leader in China smart watch!

June 3, 2016, go ask to launch Ticwear 4 smart watches watches Ticwatch 2 operating system to ask, this watch: what kind of performance, smart wearable devices have this kind of future? We combine Ticwatch2 to explore.

I. packing

The Ticwatch2 of the box is a square black box is the box with the same in recent years almost the whole intelligent mobile phone industry on the cover of packaging design, only positive golden words TICWATCH identity and lateral temporal ordering, interesting life slogan.

The quality of the packing box is like a street stall. You can buy a double Shanzhai Nike at will, even if you reject the packaging level that you are very disgusted with. It is really touching!

Remove the packing cover, Ticwatch2 static, pure round dial with stainless steel frame placed Buddha makes you see the traditional mechanical watches general familiarity. Pull the black cord at the top, and the data line and charger suddenly point out the contradiction between the watch and the sense of familiarity. Only the head and watchband around the middle of the kind of hair, leather sense of the small table pillow, may also let us think this is a watch.

Charger power 5V1A, Micro USB data lines, charging base, a pile of printed quality is not very good paper, in short, smart phones should have, he is like many. Worthy of note is the configuration of the charging base is necessary for smart watches, to buy the base alone is a gadfly!

Ticwatch2 is divided into fine porcelain series, classic series, Wyatt series. I got this classic brown leather strap version, so it’s more like an intelligent hardware than a watch. And cheap packaging box in this talk about design, look at the value of the era, to some extent reduced the Ticwatch gives the first impression.

Two, design

This watch in his hand, whether it is pure round dial design, full leather watchband, or fine crown infinitely close to the traditional mechanical watches we use. Only the back cover to piano paint and traditional watch this watch looks out of the ordinary, but the piano paint creamy feel so I think this is not a big problem, because the back of Watch than the Apple heart rate monitor and huge projection, I still love more TIC bring us flat cover.

The front uses a 400*400 of 1.4 inches OLED screen, diameter 36mm, screen accounted for 73.5%, plus the border also only diameter 42mm, moderate size, wear more comfortable. More frequently than 43mm, with the case close to the 50mm dial, I prefer the program TIC gave us. I think about the screen size, material, but also go out, ask after the cost, life, display, wearing and many other aspects of the conclusion of the compromise.

Maybe this watch is not very friendly, that is, the thickness of his 11.94mm, and the traditional quartz and even mechanical watches are far from the thickness. But the birth of a new industry, the change of the product and optimization necessary after a long time of hard time and the precipitation of the whole industry, after all, sitting on the tech industry’s most strong financial strength of the enterprise Apple is not able to watch his book. So, as far as the thickness is concerned, we can only tolerate it at this stage.

Watch the upper and the lower sides of the outward expansion, the function and practicability of no egg, but if you find out there are 360 MOTO on both sides of the shadow, so brand recognition, early in the creation of a brand should have a clear direction, this point out to ask in the Ticwatch one or two generation the inheritance of doing very well, it is precisely because the upper and the lower sides of the projection to become an independent school brand recognition.

Watch strap to Tucao, go out and ask it: made of watchband material imported from Italy leather tail watch strap, soft contact part of the wrist endothelial velvet touch, comfortable wearing natural leather while ensuring the strength, durability and breathability. Buckle firm, elegant temperament jumps on wrist. In fact, the watchband was not as bright as it was described, especially on the soft hardness of the strap. After I had taken more than ten days, there was a distinct dent and it was hard to recover.

Overall, the appearance of the Ticeatch2 for me to give a score of 70, less than the overall look and will have good sets, there is enough recognition, but limited to the price of 1299, seems unable to adopt more high-end materials to create this watch, we have the spirit of what the attitude of bicycle some small surprises, to clap this watch in a pass on more applause.

Three, software

Usually, after we have carefully looked at the appearance and details of a new and intelligent hardware, we can’t wait to get close to his soul, that is, into the new 4 age Ticwear OS.

It should be noted that Ticwear OS is a fully customized system based on Android, not a dedicated watch operating system Android Wear. Look inside the system, Ticwear 4 can see the Android system version is 5.1. Go out to ask, deep customization of Android, and watch the operation of the progress of an optimization, to join their own best to ask voice recognition, making Ticwear OS looks very different from Android Wear.

After the boot after a brilliant animation, we need to use two-dimensional code display mobile phone terminal Ticwear assistant sweep on the watch, before the need to open the mobile phone Bluetooth connection, after the success, as most of the mobile phone, enter a series of options, wearing habits, crown direction, password settings and so on. After setting up, there is a short time to synchronize with the phone, which is decided by the number of contacts and text messages in the phone.

After the synchronization, there is a very simple default dial showing, and there is no special highlight, but because of less content, and the use of more power saving. The first screen display dial, at first glance, will feel no sense of direction, up and down, when you slide, will be found, respectively, four sides belonging to four functional areas: quick operation, notification center, voice recognition, APP.

Is sliding down some of the shortcut operation, including music, weather, health, sports, news and Alipay, the display interface design is very simple and clear, not too many redundant and complex information, can play a clear effect of the.

To slide on the notification center, such as WeChat, micro-blog mobile phone, SMS notification bar shows you push content will fall all pushed here, there is a mobile phone and mobile phone client open stop switch push, when using a very harmonious, also to a certain extent, reduce the unnecessary loss of energy! When the phone is not open, watch push is also more timely!

Slide to the left is the skill of looking after the house go out and ask for speech recognition. The recognition rate is very high, the daily flat calls, no problem, even if there is a southern accent or dialect, also can accurately identify, even for a certain logic language, or recognition of the relevance of the language can be relatively accurate. Go out and ask for the recognition and analysis of Chinese voice is greater than Siri and Cortana, and the future of artificial intelligence generation and development is an important factor of speech recognition, go ask in this respect, at least in the field of speech recognition Chinese walk in the top of the world (looks like the world without a few to do or can do Chinese speech recognition company).

Sliding to the right is the App center of the phone, and a variety of basic App such as phone, SMS, health, and calendar are displayed here, including the App that you can download by asking the app store. Each screen shows 4, the size is moderate, looks more comfortable.

Smart watch ‘smart’ two words a large part of the reason is that you can freely replace the dial, and dial the rich diversity of nature has become an important indicator to measure the parameters of the Ticwatch2 local built-in 30 selected dial, can be said to Uncle meat, Lolita, nouveau riche metrosexual man lady’s style show is Goods are available in all varieties.. Fine! If you can not touch the nerve of customization, so there is no problem, go ask the application store there are thousands of third party dial for adaptation, you can even put a Rolex or Vacheron Constantin dial through your Ticwatch, very good!

Such as QQ, Alipay, weather, news this kind of assistant software, go ask but do youmoyouyang, exquisite picture, reasonable layout, is also not clear that one can effort, you expect to get, worthy of praise!

As a wearable intelligent device, movement and monitoring functions are essential, and Ticwatch is good enough for UI design and software optimization of such software, and it has very high availability. For example, after opening the movement mode, in addition to step, time, calculate mileage, and always monitor the function of heart rate, fitness users naturally know the importance of this parameter!

Calendar, calculator, alarm recording, this kind of handy gadget, also be nothing difficult, as previously mentioned, the Ticwatch in the interface design than the native AW interface is more scientific and reasonable, also looks more down to earth, very good.

About system settings, speak real! I didn’t expect this to be so complicated that there was almost a phone 80% setup option, and it made a 1.4 inch operation interface look tight. Not the reason for the screen, but the set options, classification complex, many options, functions are quite a few, but most will not be used! It is better to retain the basic settings such as a sound, vibration feedback, brightness, security, system must update these functions, and set the dial (press the dial can be replaced), authority management, power down options blabla, hundreds of years will not touch a function in the mobile phone terminal!

Worth Tucao is the so-called “scratch” function, this function when you see PPT or watch the function you will have high hopes, but to watch when you cannot think of this function. It’s not only silly, but also completely out of normal usage because it’s slippery on the side of the watch. But scratch open, because you often think the existence of function caused by unnecessary misoperation. Fortunately, from scratch, the entire operating system also does not have what functional deficiency. The proposed closure of scratch, to prevent misuse of unnecessary!

About independent calls, go out and ask for a livelihood communications solutions, after the beginning can be independent calls, send text messages, Internet access. This can almost certainly take the place of mobile phones. Such a small device, even realize the function of mobile phones, there is no need to plug in, it is worth a little praise! But, the phone watch, look silly not to say, the sound is very small, so Something is better than nothing! There is no need to pay attention to this function! But you need that watch to lift the attention of the box, this will be on the watch, call, think about it will attract a lot of attention, regardless of contempt or worship!

With respect to the Android Wear compatibility model, you need to download a Android Wear handset software and restart your watch to enter the AW compatible mode. At that time I used MX6, open the service, TIC assistant will also increased to the highest authority, after a series of settings, is still not in AW compatibility mode and watch the connection is successful, of course there will be a problem of Flyme. And often after a few days, the connection between the mobile phone and watch it becomes rather baffling, and sometimes that is not accidentally turn off Bluetooth, tried several times to find finally is to solve the problem with restart watch. These aspects reflect the lack of ease of use of Ticwear in functional use.

As for the Ticwear operating system, it seems there are still a lot of places worth playing, speech recognition, simple operation interface, accurate, and many local dial third party, the first time can get the watch in your can fully attract your attention. But when you get past the honeymoon period, when it comes to the practical stage, you probably need something besides the dials to show you something that is sufficiently refined and rich enough.

For a watch, rather than to do some news or social class APP, it is better to do a beautiful and simple practical and powerful to dial, because most of the time we will only lift the wrist at the time, date, weather, health and other basic information. And this, Apple Watch will obviously be better, his plate can be customized far better than Ticwatch!

Four, screen

Ticwatch front using a 400*400 1.4 inches OLED screen, diameter 36mm, screen accounting for 73.5%. On the first time, I found the edge leakage phenomenon, as he will watch dial edge in dot segment arc light leakage exists.

The colors are bright enough, and the black ones are the deepest and most thorough, but a little grainy, especially when they show a multi line or complicated dial. But so far, there seems to be no such watches, made a very delicate visual effects.

Light and grainy let the watch looks slightly cheap. But for this screen, go out and ask to do the optimization, basically, when you do not look at the watch, he automatically reduce brightness, using the most power-saving black and white mode. Each built-in dial has an independent black and white pattern, although the amount of information displayed is less, but 90% of the information is present! Basically, the background color of all the operating interfaces is shown in black. Because of the unique characteristics of OLED, the maximum amount of power is saved.

For the screen size, resolution, cost, life, go ask certainly do a lot of choice, because watches this very small volume, the battery capacity is limited, the performance of the chip is more limited, so at this stage is not the bigger the better, the higher the resolution the better, to go out and ask the screen solution I more support, I want to say is along with the change of technology, I think to enhance the resolution as an important breakthrough point.

Five, endurance

Connect the phone to normal use, every day from 7 early to 7 late, 12 hours, normal use, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog push are normal enabled, one day down 45% of the remaining electricity. By 10 in the evening, only 20% of the electricity is available, and there is still one day to go.

I try to use only watch mode, that is, not connected to the phone, one day down to 70%, probably about 3 days in a row. About mobile phone connection watches, for mobile phone life is concerned, and in fact there is no significant difference. But that’s the basic property of the smart, so most of the time we’re connected to the cell phone. So, in the battery technology has not yet encountered comprehensive innovation, watch life can only ha ha.

Six, summary


999 low enough to start

Pure circle dial

Felt good steel paint cover

Colorful OLED display screen

Rich enough for local and third party dials

Go out and ask for accurate Chinese speech recognition

Simple and crisp operation interface

Calls can be implemented independently

Also compatible with Android and IOS


Not good endurance

A slightly grainy screen

Miscellaneous system settings

Bluetooth connection is good and bad

The scratch just passable

Seven, summary

Ticwatch in industrial design, stainless steel frame and piano paint the back cover, the design of pure round also make him look more close to the watch people used, but 1299 of the price it is difficult to really get the watch look more delicate lai.

On the functional level, there is no obvious short board, and there are even some minor highlights of localization. Go ask the Chinese speech recognition is impressive, 4 functions on the dial under sliding around the exhaled partition also makes operation more clear, concise operation interface, and the small details of delicate thoughts are people first looks very satisfied. And the satisfaction that follows is the need to go out and ask for continued consideration.

Generally speaking, after the first generation of water testing, the second generation of Ticwatch2 is obviously more mature and more robust! Good enough to operate and not behind the design, at the starting price of 999 and 1299 of the standard version of the price is enough, so that he generally high prices in the smart watch camp has become very competitive. Go out and ask the whole industry is still at the stage of thinking of intelligent wearable devices, because up to now, there is still not a wearable device manufacturers to come up with solutions good enough to have a smart, intelligent wearable device is let us cheer!

The price of this performance, the intention to try small X partners, naturally buy, buy, buy! After all, the starting price of 999 and the classic series of 1299 are already very friendly at the price. But for those who are not optimistic about the current stage, or rely heavily on mobile phone users, or wait for more mature solutions appear! The current Ticwatch is not essentially non substitute for practicality, but because of fairly good appearance and smart watch attributes, so that Ticwatch 2, in contrast, is very low to upgrade the cost of technology forced grid!


“Force” is obviously not enough to support those hundreds of thousands of dollars in price, so when some smart wearable devices after our initial of his longing and yearning, and really came to us, we need to calm down and think about the smart watch what can bring us enough what mobile phone can give us something. The answer is, it doesn’t seem like it! He just showed us that the announcement was simpler and more convenient than something that could not be replaced!

All of our organs, the most nimble is in our hands, so that the mobile phone computer equipment will become inevitable for us to improve our efficiency, cause they can perfect with our hands to achieve great imagination in our brain. While earlier mechanical and quartz watches were worn on the hand, he needed at least a very small amount of time cost to wind up or adjust the time, which gave us an accurate display of time.

Now, however, a smart watch with an idle hand to operate with the other hand is clearly creating a waste of both hands. But even if we pay such a price, we still don’t get any more equipment than the mobile phone or tablet computer provides us with. So, I support the starting point of this design, but I don’t think it’s satisfactory for the solution at this stage.

Perhaps manufacturers need to develop a higher level of operating methods, such as brainwave or eye operations, such as the more metaphysical technology to be carried out, in order to achieve a multiplier effect. While the current level of science and technology, even when the battery technology has not yet been a revolutionary breakthrough, and other technical Xuan Xuan, can only stay in the imagination, but the technology is so, do not afraid, not afraid of! We look forward to the introduction of new technologies, smart wearable devices explosion point will come soon! Or at that time, in order to really be called intelligent wearable devices, and now smart can only be counted as mobile phone accessories, expansion, or enhance the loading force of the sister tool? Such as…

OK! That’s all for smart watches. Do you have any different ideas? Welcome to reply. Let’s discuss it together!

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