Why do I want a projector? Evaluation of micro whale F1 intelligent projector

2017-7-18 Publish

Why do I want a projector?

Why would I want a projector? Before writing this article, I asked myself very seriously.

Maybe the lazy enjoyment of the movie in the dim light? Perhaps to maximize the independence of space? Or just want to get rid of the TV remote control at leisure sitting around looting embarrassment?

Think carefully, this time drew a long or short circle, in the limited time, science and technology has turned upside down, when artificial intelligence once again become a hot focus when I was at a back but God, and remember those old movies in front of the screen. Funny is the deepest impression is the “ghost house” (difference on my young mind caused a devastating blow). Later by dish “shadow”, the image of the Milky Way fatalism influenced an era, so I to portray Tony Leung’s black police unforgettable. High school DVD prevails, a CD can burn N film, the summer at noon and students to see the “village”, “dead old grudge” scared, wiping his nose derided wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. Later, a variety of film resources appear on the Internet, in that theaters have not yet risen, copyright is still a fan of the times, we will Quentin, Tarantino, Shunji Iwai, Tim, Burton read again and again.

Joyous, sad, and terrifying images of all kinds of labels carved an era. Later, I loved movies and movies, but never indulged in those personal moments. Probably the lack of space, or the absence of video playing media. We seem to have a movie theater, but there’s no room for laughter anymore.

Talk so much, it is nothing more than want to express a young man (pseudo middle-aged) of private space keen, sitting in the projector smile cry, watching more than 100 minutes a picture of piecing together all kinds of life, close your eyes, if you live in China, and what kind of experience?

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

See the tiny whale F1

The first half of the title has been answered by 7788 above. From a rational point of view, what kind of projector suitable for themselves, the title of the second half of the micro whale F1 and what features?

Micro F1 rich texture of the whale lying quietly in the box cover, the drawing effect of Aluminum Alloy feel very, multi-point radiating fins, LED lamp life of up to 30000 hours or more (and not ordinary consumers think a replacement).

The drawing effect of the lens ring highlights the fine process, highlights the lens, also magnifies the projection function, and can wipe and seal the wearable glass lens, and can keep the lens clean for a long time.

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

Micro F1 Dieter Rams cleverly borrowed the whale’s 1960 classic minimalist design record style, emphasize the form of function with the faded red decoration, low-key minimalist Bauhaus style can be a variety of decoration style collocation.

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

The buttons at the top are clear and easy to operate and user-friendly. It is easy to see that compared with other products on the market, the micro whale F1 occupies less space. As long as there is a suitable projection area, you can use it anywhere in your home, such as throwing yourself on the ceiling. I have to mention that the net weight of the sperm whale F1 is only 1.2kg, which is much lighter than that of the same type of product.

Micro whale F1 smart projector top button

After the boot, the micro whale F1 Bluetooth and WiFi connection speed is very fast and stable, the entire connection process did not break network and Caton.

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

A good micro projector must have good scalability, turning body, you can see the four interface micro whale F1, including the power supply interface, able to 5Gbps high speed read data, 4K video playback and is compatible with a variety of USB equipment USB 3 interface, HDMI 2 high conversion interface and unique 3.5mm headset jack.

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector back interface

“Brighter” sperm whales

Well, since it’s my little intimate partner in my private space, I have a need to see the color / brightness of the projector clearly. After all, the picture of the atmosphere is an important part. Micro whale F1 has industry-leading brightness of up to 1200ANSI lumens, with a standard resolution of 1280*800, and compatible with 1080p / 2K / 4K maximum resolution. This powerful configuration allows micro whale F1 to clearly sense each movement, expression and line in the film during daytime or night viewing. I imagine you are sitting in the living room, in front of the projector to play his old films, you and I are familiar a section of the incident, the direct heart touched, lucidity.

1200ANSI is still clear in the highlighted environment

The spirit of seeking truth from facts drops attitude, I use the office environment to the micro whale F1 up 1200ANSI lumens brightness to a visual test “”. In the figure below, we can see that the brightness difference between the micro whale F1 projection screen is almost negligible when the curtain is closed and pulled apart.

In the case of large curtains, micro whale F1 brightness is completely unaffected, the screen saturation is very pleasant.

While playing some darker films (the movie is for the apostles), the micro whale F1 is highlighted, and the color processing is excellent.

After that, I use Genghen strokes. In the conference room, for example, direct lighting was used. The picture was supposed to be a pale one, but the final projection still satisfied me.

The eye can direct reality, but we cannot ignore the technology, using BrilliantColorTM 22 F1 micro whale quality enhancement technology, DLP precision color technology, can display the color number is 25% more than standard RGB, the green and red range, wide color gamut can make the color more vivid and more realistic, use down can be found micro F1 close to the true style of whales, not exaggerated, not too rich and saturated color expression, to output a real picture as the starting point, let a person feel natural and comfortable.

You know the dragon, the exact colors are not deliberately rendered.

Looking at the 3 screenshots above, I think many friends have their own opinions about the merits of the micro whale F1 projection screen. (it’s important to emphasize that my writing space isn’t particularly good, and I can bet that the F1 will be much better at home or in a more comfortable environment)

Micro projection whale F1 is 1.12:1, put a 60 inch picture only 1.3 meters, when 3 meters can reach 120 inches giant screen, when amplified to 300 inches, the moment alone theater feel, think of that day sitting in the courtyard corner, time seems to circle.

Micro whale, F1, intelligent projector, projection ratio

Micro F1 provides whale manual focusing and vertical trapezoidal correction, the world famous brand semiconductor 3 axis gravity sensor, support plus or minus 40 degrees vertical trapezoidal correction, 360 degrees up and down just cast (vertical screen without distortion, the use of more convenient, more widely applicable places).

Micro whale F1 smart projectors receive vertical ladder correction

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector manual focus

You can also use the smart voice call “focus”, adjust the screen, and use the remote control key to make changes.

Smart voice calls “focus” after adjustment

When it comes to atmosphere, it’s hard to say nothing of music. Micro whale F1 in addition to play watercress, Himalaya, FM and other network radio capacity. The configuration of the 36mm active stereo speakers, 40mm bass passive vibration basin, Dolby /DTS audio decoding, can obviously feel the broad field in the experience, then I make a simple voice broadcast, will not feel dry.

And to understand the words of the micro whale, but also brought me no small surprise.

Emphasis: GIF only to verify the speed of identification, I said the content for joy song

In artificial intelligence has become a hot spot today, intelligent voice micro whale really made me a Western style. This method is simple, press the microphone button on the remote control, and then point out the remote control, you need the film, micro whale F1 can automatically identify.

Available intelligent speech

Decide on good details

For the problem of heat dissipation work for a long time we are most concerned about the micro whale F1 using eddy current and open shaft exclusive design flow of dual fan cooling system, can reduce the use of the machine in the process of overheating, I played for a period of time after the film, micro heat still whales very well, hot issues concerned there was No.

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

Highlight the details of sincerity, according to official reports, after 12 F1 micro whale structure appearance process test, 15 environmental test, 13 mechanical testing, 11 electrical performance test, 11 electromagnetic compatibility and safety testing, 16 safety test and 5 reliability test, has been the industry’s only EMC certified brand. This terrible data confirms the R & D and production time of micro F1 whale is 2 times the general industry, dare to do enterprise core is really impressive.

Micro whale F1 smart projector lens

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

The advantage of micro whales is that they have integrated content resources unmatched by their rivals. Micro whale integration of high-quality video platform resources at home and abroad, including Tencent video, mango, TV, BBC, TVB, super, British Nick high-end children and other strength platform, as well as exclusive panoramic VR channel. A large screen Internet end the film library, the mainland box office top 100 movies, 74 can be viewed directly in the micro level of whales, one billion cinema film discourse full coverage, real-time synchronization of high score list of recommended watercress movie.

Sports highlights

Each film right corner real-time score watercress

The content largely determines the playability of the projector, and the micro whale is also very focused on the content. The feature channel is perfect for my lazy cancer patient. I think in the near future, the movie we want will be available in micro whale F1.

Content topics

In addition, the system of WUI2.0 depth optimization for Android system is down quite smooth, the biggest characteristic is can through the user preferences custom push, memory play, and support for panoramic VR playback and download and install more applications.

WUI2.0 system

Large amounts of content, up to 1200ANSI lumens brightness, Bauhaus design and lightweight portable, constitute micro whales F1 multi-faceted entertainment. In this fickle world, you may wish to have time, indulge in two people’s romantic time, or three children’s moment of parenthood. Camping, hotels, living rooms, bedrooms, or whatever you can think of, where you can project images. I hope you and I, at the moment of opening the switch, return to the most pleasant time, feel the joy, anger, sorrow and joy that the image brings to you, and feel the infinite possibilities between the light and shadow flow.

Micro whale F1 intelligent projector

How do we define the development of technology? Maybe you’ve been through the halls of the times, and you’ve forgotten the big machines buzzing around. Now, they are regenerating in a new attitude. No matter in the future time or past time, we all need our machines and most people understand, full of novel ideas behind many actually have a great reason, I hope one day to hear the “she” in the good voice in their own unique machine, breaking the eternal loneliness fatalism.

In short, I returned to the consumer’s point of view, not a lot of data accumulation and parameter emphasis, but the most close to the audio-visual experience of life was written out.

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