IPhone sound quality salvation, dual wood three Lin I2 portable decoder experience

2017-7-20 Publish

Since the start of iPhone 7, the smartphone industry has been blowing a whirlwind of 3.5mm headsets. 3.5mm headphone interface is one of the most versatile interfaces at present. 3.5mm headset interface was canceled apple, the headset through the connection iPhone mobile phone comes with a lightning adapter, 3.5mm headset interface accessories to achieve switching support 3.5, mm headset interface.

Miki, (S.M.S.L) is a technology is strong HIFI products manufacturers, product image and publicity in the past are too low-key, but the strength of the product is very strong. In the intelligent mobile phone headset interface will be fully cancel the 3.5mm wave of Sanmu Shuanglin launched a 3.5mm based portable decoder of lightning interface, and supports high resolution audio playback, certified by the MFi, model is i2. From the back of the package, I2 supports almost all of the apple devices of the lightning interface.

I2 doesn’t have any accessories, and the packaged packaging looks very neat. I2’s appearance is like a traditional player by wire, the whole body adopts a metal anodizing process, the front has a three-dimensional sense of modeling, concave and convex, looks very personality and identification. The buttons also have small bump textures, and the built-in microphone is relatively stealthy, suitable for use with a combination of fever headphones with no built-in microphone.

The matte texture produced by metal anodizing is not comparable to that of an ordinary piece of apple. Although I would like to see the inside of the Mount Lu, but there are four anti removable screws on the back, can not be removed i2. I2 light body using a full metal CNC cutting material, not a simple decoration, because the aluminum aluminum Gao Gang effectively suppress the external signal interference and vibration, can make the sound signal is more pure.

On the other hand, I2 uses the lightning interface, which is also made of all metal materials and has been certified by MFi. It has official guarantee for product safety and compatibility. MFi authentication is more complex, apple for the MFi certification authority is also very careful and meticulous, in addition to the inspection and authentication of the authorized enterprise qualification and the strength of the product itself but also on the specification and use of a detailed regulation. Lightning wire length of about 30cm, not long, not short, feeling just right.

Since the beginning of the 7 generation of iPhone, the lightning interface of Apple’s iPhone series mobile phones seems to be a little loose. The same with most domestic lightning interface device, in most other apple devices are not inserted with not tight, but in my hand this iPhone 7 Plus but because with mobile phone sets caused a slight shaking and connection failure, this is not the case, before using 1MORE lightning headset also encountered, but the official accessories is not the existence of such a situation, through the observation of preliminary judgement is domestic MFi certification through the lightning interface is generally relatively short then a few millimeters, leading mobile phone when the shell is inserted is not tight.

I2 has passed the MFi authentication, and has strong compatibility guarantee to the digital output of the lightning interface. The description of the digital output capability of the lightning interface is true. At present, all USB devices have two modes of operation, namely, the Host and the Slave modes. The default mode of work for iPhone is the Slave, which in this mode supports only the 44.1kHz/48 kHz digital audio signal output. In the Host mode of the iOS device (which needs to connect to the lightning data line via the Camera Adapter and then connect to the decoder, this pattern is similar to the computer USB interface, similar to the Android OTG line) You can support digital audio output with maximum support to PCM384kHz/DSD128. Before this, the digital audio signal output lightning digital output interface supports only 44.1kHz/48 native kHz, now with the iOS system upgrade, more open access to PCM384kHz/DSD128, I2 can support the digital audio output through the lightning interface for the native, this is actually very rare, the first one does not need Camera Adapter to support high bit rate digital audio output device which I also used. While inserting the I2 into the iOS device, it will prompt the installation of “SMSL player” and transmit audio through the iTunes connected iOS device, so that all APP high specification audio playback can be realized.

The Lightning interface provides the output digital signal and digital signal, these high quality cannot be directly understood. I2 is the digital signal output interface Lightning through translation into analog signals and amplified through the headset ear can let us understand the sound information. In order to implement such a workflow, there are two schemes for audio architecture. The current mainstream solution is to use an independent codec chip to translate digital signals and to amplify and simulate signals. This Cirrus Logic’s “DAC-OPA integrated chip” is actually the codec chip that was said earlier. Compared to the independent DAC-AMP architecture, the demand for power supply is lower, and it can be more frivolous.

About I2 sound experience, where a direct collocation of portable equipment to promote the sound of music “beech tea”. This pair of earplugs to sell beech, difficult to push and adorable front is famous. Good can serve the earplugs equipment must meet the thrust and sound quality are abundant and control these three requirements, however, to meet the two requirements of the equipment is usually very HIFI, portable decoder and low prices can not do.

Here we can determine the iPhone itself is unable to push the beech, on both sides of the middle convex parts collocation sound of Apple’s own Alice, soft dark, overall sound very scattered, open field.

First look at the overall sense of hearing, although the beech is a popular sense to listen to the ear, but very easily in the low-end front under the evil voice. I2 push to launch beech resolution good local experience and extremely high frequency fine, compared to the iPhone direct push that relaxation and sharp noises in many natural, high frequency I2 drive the beech clear, very nice. The intermediate frequency performance of this system is more relaxed and moist. If the intermediate frequency is larger than the high frequency from the details and the resolution, this kind of relaxed middle frequency hearing has a great influence on the human voice. Commendable is I2 to push the beech vocals very delicate enchanting, with special retouching, even can feel vividly the music on vocals in some popular music accompaniment, throw in a far distance. Vocal parts, both male and female, are more refined and delicate, plus the sound of the ear, which makes the whole system very vocal. As for the low frequency, low frequency beech has been more conservative, low frequency sense only when there is a certain force and elastic guarantee have better experience, and I2 was able to do this, more control and sense of hierarchy of low frequency control is in place, and use iPhone direct push compared to give people a different impact.

Beech collocation after the use of I2 voice is completely different, we can feel the biggest change of the sound field is open, although the sound field in the longitudinal beech has stretched, but in iPhone direct push under transverse acoustic experience is not ideal. Second, analytic progress can lead to richer sound detail and a solid sound field image. The last is the triple frequency change, low frequency level and intermediate frequency is exquisite complete reflected, is no longer a simple two Alice voice. Thanks to the I2 neutral voice, can play a lot like beech although this unique earplugs loopholes but the sound strength. In addition, I2 itself has made a lot of progress compared to iPhone’s voice, in terms of quality, thrust, and support for high resolution audio files. I2 is not only a iPhone independent music module device, but also a complete solution to enhance iPhone quality from software.

Although the I2 face is have a fever of user groups, but really like to use this to push beech earplugs product is still relatively small, now a lot of earplugs product for intelligent mobile phone optimization, mobile phone direct push up is not difficult, but it still need to push I2 this portable decoder for a class of products. Of course, with the iPhone open 3.5mm headset cut head, after the iOS devices will be on the road more walk more far, this also is the major manufacturers to provide a relatively independent audio architecture design ideas, so it seems like Miki I2’s little things Shuanglin promising.

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