A new member of combat UP, HiMedia H7 four generation platinum edition TV box

2017-7-21 Publish

Nowadays, more and more entertainment projects added to our life, I believe that many people are not strange to the TV box, TV box brand variety, you may have encountered such a problem: the startup and operation everywhere annoying ads, suspended animation interface Caton, less resources, film watching video, HD box is not enough not only sleep, shutdown and other issues, these problems have seriously affected the user experience, the feeling is the time for a good point of the box…… Some boxes are compact and stylish, but they don’t work well. Some boxes are just plain looking, but the performance meets the needs of the players. Your choice of box can be said to be all kinds of, I also value Yan party, “but you can’t have it”, if the performance and value of Yan must take the words between the two, I still choose decisive performance, after all, the use of high value and Yan is flawed, for users will think of what the yen value can eat it, I want it?! After all, the TV box is mainly in the home audio-visual, entertainment experience, and do not have to take out.

HiMedia as a professional production of TV box of old brand, a series of flagship high-quality TV box is known, recently launched a new H7 four generation known as “Platinum Edition” products, the first time sparked my curiosity about the box, do not know whether some mishap can solve the above mentioned TV box use, you will know, you may wish to look at me.


Product packaging and imagine the platinum edition that noble silver tone, is yellow (ha ha ha maybe out of the box, the surprise) is a solid color kraft paper carton, paper hard, no modification only “HIMEDIA” big brand name on the packaging into the eyes, straight, simple and elegant the top left, can see this is the flagship CIBN Internet tv.



Remove after you can see the protagonist, HiMedia H7 four generation platinum edition. And “Platinum” two character echoes, the fuselage is silver, looks tall, the feeling, using aluminum magnesium alloy, a one-piece, all metal shell. The new optimization of the Yang oxidation fuel formula, as small as the nut, the bottom bracket, as large as the antenna all re painted, the whole work well. Feel is delicate and comfortable matte feel, texture good. The whole box size is large, and there is a large antenna, although the appearance will discount, compared with the general TV box appears somewhat heavy, but can make the network signal stronger, more smooth, while watching a movie or game card will not be sacrificed, the appearance point enhanced the practicability is understandable.

Although a bit aiyan antenna, but not the general antenna, because it is not only to this one angle, still can adjust with the mood placed in multiple angles.

In addition to the TV box outside, we can also get in the product box: intelligent learning remote control x1, x1, HDMI line X1 power adapter, quick installation guide x1, warranty card X1 (host one year warranty period, parts three months warranty period).

The back of the box with rich practical interface, standard USB, SD card slot, HDMI, AV interface, network port, digital optical fiber than the general box in the Goods are available in all varieties., interface on a lot, this play also, audio and video output do not have to worry about, even if the local blockbuster can smooth playback, and new the old TV are compatible.

You can see the side of SD card slot, the capacity can meet the needs of users, the other side can see two USB2.0 socket, the socket and the interface position are separated, especially the USB design in the side that I feel is more convenient, more humane.

With a learning remote control, the box remote control has so many buttons, or the first time, the experience is very easy to use, can control the TV switch. In other words, a box of remote controls can control boxes and TV sets, both of which can be controlled. The original TV remote control in the house can be put away. The two batteries will be put into the box and the remote control will be ready for use. The lid on the remote control is attached to it to prevent loss, as can be seen from the details of the factory’s intentions.

It is said that with the H7 four generation ultimate configuration is the same, only different in capacity and the remote: reduced from 16G to 8G, but is provided with an SD card slot, can make up for the lack of Bluetooth remote control for infrared remote control, in addition to the 2 points outside the other configurations are the same, a decline in the cost, of course pricing is reduced.


Connect the TV, the TV will switch into HDMI source, using the remote control, press the power button, when the lights on the TV box is changed from red to blue, you can open into, (not too can look at the instructions), the boot speed for about 5 seconds, you can see the first set of interface will be some settings are completed, will be able to enter the main interface of this box.

Just enter the main interface is suggested to update system version, immediately after the update, more show the film resources are of the latest design, the main interface is quite normal, the above we can see some of the current popular video pictures, intelligent UI, easy to use, click can directly enter for see below the CIBN market, CIBN video, corresponding to the packaging of the “CIBN”, written by CIBN genuine authority, you can watch many free video resources, hit drama, homemade drama, cinema aggressively, Hollywood movies, popular variety, sports events such as the first time update. I personally like to see our youth, the plot is very young and interesting, some time ago people’s name, joy, song and other drama also heard good reputation.

Most of the video is available, but some members of the video can not play, and need to open members can.

One button direct – press this, we can also set the button on the remote control as an application shortcut key, intelligent design, even closed eyes can quickly open their own commonly used applications.

With the CIBN market to run a minute, 12678 minutes, can not be said to be the top of the box configuration, but the score is awesome in the TV box market, belong to the upper level.

HiMedia H7 four generation platinum edition TV box with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual WiFi, support 802.11a/b/n/ac protocol, 5GWiFi channel interference is pure, external 3DB high gain antenna, powerful performance through the wall, comprehensive coverage of the wireless signal, with the velocity, the speed can also be displayed, speed and stability.

Self starting management – you can use the system itself to start management, will be installed in the TV box APP all disable boot, self starting, so as not to install more, affecting the boot speed.

System settings – network can be set, screen settings, Bluetooth control (open and close, play set, Bluetooth) system upgrade set.

In the system settings, you can open, close the thunder, Download treasure and other functions (download treasure you need to open here before you can use), you can also see more detailed parameters of this TV box.

Equipped with Amlogic S912 high-end chips, 64 bit 8 core processor and 2GB large memory, open or use in a very fast, but sometimes open application management will be brief, Caton. There are few applications or games in our own CIBN market, and we can copy better market applications, live videos, or games to the U disk, and then install them. TV box based on Android 6 system application installation, as long as it is in line with the end of Android APK file can be installed, support for the installation of various applications music, games, video software, gameplay more options. In the actual use, found in watching movies, playing games, multitasking can quickly switch, the operation is relatively fast. HD video playback or run large game is fun, intelligent processing system, to solve the problem Caton in system level.

Remote control can be 120 degrees wide angle control, 15 meters distance, just placed in front of the box can be, infrared remote control sensitivity is relatively high. Equipped with a new generation of Bluetooth protocol 4.2, you can connect the mouse, keyboard, handle, headphones, stereo and other Bluetooth devices, connection more convenient and fast. I connect the Bluetooth handle receiver to one of the USB interfaces. The measurement is available. It’s very convenient to use. The feel is smoother than the remote controller. It’s fun to play games.

Suggest that you can use the handle to replace the remote control for the use of television box, the first is afraid of remote control by more, the button will be broken. Second is remote control, need to change the battery, more troublesome, and the handle as long as the connection computer charge, you can continue to use.

Up to 3840*2160 pixel resolution, every detail of the picture is well displayed. High decoding performance, 4K video decoding capabilities of up to 60 frames per second, play no card phenomenon, with built-in full format super player, can open to watch all kinds of high-definition video format.

We can play in the process of the whole internal player formats compatible in adjustable navigation tracks, subtitles, chapters options to choose, can set down specific to the left and right channels switch, subtitles time offset adjusting, circulation mode, the proportion of video settings, also joined the subtitle search function and image quality adjustment, the former can be standard and custom, bright and soft light, the latter can provide subtitles online download and plug-in settings, it is convenient to use, can be directly downloaded online.

Can cast the screen mobile phone, turn the small screen big screen, music, movies, games, cast out of sync, documents, many people share more fun.

This box has a thunderbolt download treasure features in the main interface on the lower right corner of the “system settings” will download treasure function open, then open the main interface of the treasure download can be used, after scanning the two-dimensional code to install mobile phone APP (i.e., family cloud) as long as the mobile phone through download treasure APP operation related video, remote download home can go to see the film, more intelligent.


If a TV box depends on watching the video HD, fluency, and interface play more, then this HiMedia Platinum Edition H7 four generation TV box it all done, the performance compared with the previous series of similar products or combat has great leap, it can be said that in the software is a very powerful, in the details of the hardware and the workmanship is satisfactory. Of course, it also has disadvantages, such as appearance, root (now cannot be compared with ordinary boxes are basically not root), no sleep problems, but xiabuyanyu, from the use of a TV box, not to worry about the details of the case, it has very good to complete their mission. And only more than 300 yuan, PFP price, but has excellent viewing and entertainment experience. Jingdong will hold the annual digital digital category “super category day” in July 25th, when HiMedia and digital products have discounts, this TV box might have more surprise price, it is the high cost of a TV box, interested can look, can be regarded as the best the new partner home.

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